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- - By MRWeldSoCal (***) Date 01-07-2016 22:17
Does anyone know how to build or have a link to the pressure test system used to pressure test foils for D17.2?

Having trouble finding something exact.  Any information would be of great help!

Parent - - By fschweighardt (***) Date 01-08-2016 13:25
That's quite the fixture, nice how they don't give much in the way of a print.  If you got a machine shop, doesn't look too hard to build
Parent - - By MRWeldSoCal (***) Date 01-12-2016 18:30
I cant even seem to wrap my head around it.  Like you say the code doesnt really help you much about it.  I have a machine shop I can use but we need to figure out how it works and how they designed it exactly.  I cant find anything on it.  trying to see if anyone here has a photo or has used one.

Parent - - By fschweighardt (***) Date 01-12-2016 18:52
Sent u a pm
Parent - By fschweighardt (***) Date 01-13-2016 01:14
Imagine a shoebox with 1/2" thick walls and only about an inch deep.  On the "top" of the wall s of the box, there is a small half-round bead sticking up right in the middle of the thickness of the wall (round side up).  Now take the lid of your shoebox (also 1/2" thick) and look on the bottom side, and there is a half-round groove all around the perimeter of the lid.  Cut a "window" into the center of your shoebox, and make provision for introducing pressure.  You put a foil sample on the open top of the box, and drop the lid over it.  The half-round, when clamped, prevents the foil from just pulling out from under the lid, which is clamped to the base good and tight.  The foil gets pressure behind it and pops up through the window until it breaks.

Easy peasy, except for a bunch of hours in the machine shop.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / D17.2 Foil pressure testing

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