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- - By Lawrence (*****) Date 01-19-2016 19:12 Edited 01-19-2016 19:17

When I review table 9.14 for tubular with backing I see base metal ≤3/8"  (less than or equal to) qualifies the welder to 1/8" to 3/4" maximum.

Is this in effect saying that If I use a test piece that is less than 3/8" thick, that the welder is still qualified up to 3/4" ?

Tribal knowledge has always inferred that the welder was qualified to 2x the base metal thickness, but I don't see it in the table or in the supporting text.

9.17.1 . "For tests on tubulars, the number and type of test specimens
and the range of qualified production welding
thicknesses and diameters for which a welder or welding
operator is qualified shall be in conformance with Table 9.14.

Or for that matter; any test thickness that exceeds 3/8" appears to qualify for unlimited?
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 01-19-2016 19:22
I read it as you do.
And I believe your tribal knowledge is based upon ASME where 2t is the norm, not AWS.
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 01-20-2016 02:50
D1.1-2010: Table 4.11 Test on Plate, Groove Figures; 3/8" = 3/4" qual max.  3/8" < T < 1" = qualified for 2T max. (p.151)

Yes, AWS does use a 2T for max thickness qualified on test plates.

Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 01-20-2016 12:34
Isn't it interesting Brent that there is a whole different paradigm for performance qualification ranges on pipe ?

But thanks for the facts :)      It's more than tribal knowledge in that case !
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 01-20-2016 16:12
I agree.  I haven't really spent a lot of time in the new Clause 9 yet but for some number of years they have been treating tubulars with a different approach than plate.  Some of it quite understandable and other parts you look at and think...REALLY? 

I was mainly making sure JS and others saw that AWS did use the 2T factor for max qualification.  Maybe not in all situations but in some anyway.  It isn't a blanket one size fits all.  But there is application.

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