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- By KBNY (**) Date 02-22-2016 16:48 Edited 06-22-2016 13:15
- - By Jackrabbitslim Date 02-26-2016 01:44
I am not sure of this being the correct location for this question, but please forgive me if it isn't. My question is this? Does D1.1 apply to all things being welded (i.e equipment, cars, etc.), or is this requirement centered around structural (building) welding applications?

Help with this clarification is greatly appreciated.
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 02-26-2016 02:33
Structural Applications is the intended use. AWS and other bodies have a considerable amount of welding related standards and specifications. Many of which overlap and work in conjunction with each other.

Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 02-26-2016 05:37
Specifically, the D14 codes are for various equipment, D1 for structural steels, D10 for pipe and tubing, D15 for railroad, D17 Aerospace, D8 automotive, etc.

D 1.1 applies to structural steel from 1/8" to unlimited. 

- - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-23-2016 01:49
D1.1 is great if you are building a barn or a shed or an out building .......

D1.1, the new farm code.

Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 03-23-2016 13:08

At the next Farm Code meeting we may need to discuss how this ignoring oil and grease business will impact the "Tricking the Inspector" clause of the Farm Code.

People often ignore the fact that amendments and revisions of one part of the code can have a real transformative effect on other clauses and subclauses.
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 03-23-2016 18:51
Yeah, like lo-hy processes, especially SMAW 7018, and why even bother with rod ovens when they are just going to use it to weld over water anyway.  Just grab the 10 year old out in the barn 6010 and go for it.  It's all good to the new code.

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