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- - By strat (**) Date 03-06-2016 02:33
Hey everyone, this is our first qualification to D1.2:2014. We are going to do a aluminum hand rail job for a company. The welds will be pipe to base plate and pipe to pipe tee, horizontals tiein into verticals so all called out welds are fillet, we are going to do a groove plate for per 3.12 for strength and figure 3.18 for fillet weld soundness, my question is are both detail A and detail B required, the reason I choose figure 3.18 was because detail B is pipe to plate, my next question is is figure 3.17 fillet weld soundness test acceptable for the type of welding we are going to do. I have searched on the forum and tried to sypher D1.2 with not much success but I'm trying, any suggestions?
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-06-2016 03:16
Qualify the fillet welds first to establish welding parameters. Then qualify the butt joint to verify the mechanical properties can be met using the parameters established when qualifying the fillet welds.

Parent - - By strat (**) Date 03-06-2016 04:08
Thanks Al,
Are you required to produce both detail A and detail B in figure 3.18 for your parameters, Reason I'm asking is that I have already produced detail A, sent to the lab and had macro etch and fracture with good outcome and have parameters logged to perform tensile. gives you the option of figure 3.17 or 3.18 and scince I have already performed detail A with success do I need to perform detail B just because they are both on the same page and are both figure 3.18.
Again Thanks,
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-06-2016 12:01
I don't have my copy of D1.2:2014 with me, so I cannot reference the figures you are mentioning.

That being the case, let me outline what needs to be done.

Qualify the fillet welds first. Qualify the largest single pass fillet and qualify the smallest multiple pass fillet (typically three beads). A successful qualification includes macros and fillet breaks to ensure soundness (macro) and fusion to the root.

The values for the welding parameters, i.e., voltage, wire feed speed or amperage, and travel speeds established by the fillet qualification are used to weld the groove test assembly. The purpose of qualifying the grooved assembly is to verify the mechanical properties are met. That means weld soundness, guided bends, and tensile testing.

The welders are then qualified for the particular product form that will be used in production.

Word of caution, I don't have the code sitting in front of me. I'm in Boston and my code is in Connecticut. I am not telepathic, so make sure you read the code carefully to satisfy yourself you are doing what is necessary. Then consider whether you are going through the exercise just to satisfy a code requirement or are you actually doing it to learn what parameters will produce the results you want in production. I hope you are shooting for the latter.

Best regards - Al
Parent - By strat (**) Date 03-06-2016 15:15
Thanks Al,
This is my first dealings with D1.2 and I won't to make sure I'm reading the Code correctly and you have help put things in respectful, and yep I'm shooting for the latter.
Again thanks,
Parent - By FinishLine (*) Date 03-06-2016 15:42
I just ran a PQ to 2014 D1.2 for my company and would be happy to answer any questions. I rarely go on here, give me a call @ 760 271 6364 if you like.

My input on what has been said so far; PQs should be designed to give you the largest capability for the least amount of money. I recommend choosing how your PQ and WPS is setup based on this upcoming job and what jobs your company may get in the future. Not a lot of weld shops are certified to D1.2 so you may find yourself doing some groove welds or something else later down the road and should build certification to suit all needs.

Do a 3/8 plate groove weld test, send it off to get tensions, bend them (I have a d1.2 bender if you want me to do it for you), and get a broad WPS written.

What process/machines are you using?
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