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- - By Bowler_Hat (**) Date 03-01-2016 17:46
Hey All

How does one distinguish between general notes in a print, and weld specific? (That is, when the details are too large to contain within the tail of a welding symbol).

It has been my understanding that when a weld says 'see note X' the fabricator is to follow that direction.

What is a better way to not confuse these items?

Parent - By Tyrone (***) Date 03-02-2016 11:58
Hey Bowler,
I don't see any confusion.  See note X is specific.  If you need more, then I suggest a detail view of the joint with all the information within.

- - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-02-2016 13:56
1F, 1G, 2F, 2G, etc. are not welding positions used for production welding. They are test positions.

Production welds are performed in the flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead positions.

Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 03-02-2016 16:47
You are right Al, although I never made the distinction.

flat welding position.
The welding position used to weld
from the upper side of the joint at a point where the
weld axis is approximately horizontal, and the weld
face lies in an approximately horizontal plane. See Figures
B.16(A) through (C), B.17(A), B.18(A), B.19(A),
and B.20(A).

The referenced figures do however include the test positions  (1F, 1G, etc.)

Do you mention this because there would be some problem inserting a simple 2F in the tail of a weld symbol if it were important for the weld to be completed in the horizontal position?

Seems like a straight forward way to communicate with more brevity than placing "flat welding position" in the tail of the fillet weld symbol when "1F" might provide the same information.  Or am I missing something?
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-02-2016 18:10
The accepted nomenclature is O, H, V, and OH for production positions.

Is it that difficult to type in Flat, Horizontal, Vertical, or Overhead? Several key strokes is all that is involved. Really, is the designer saving time or is it simply he is too lazy to get out of bed to take a leak?

Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 03-02-2016 18:25
Roger that!

I just never differentiated in all these years that "test positions" are a different thing from production welding definition.

I thank you for the lesson Sensi
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-02-2016 20:18
No problem Grasshopper.

Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 03-07-2016 13:51
Here is some more detail on the subject. From an ASME Perspective.
Parent - - By CWI555 (*****) Date 03-03-2016 01:49
Too lazy to get out of bed is my vote, probably a good customer of depends...
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-03-2016 04:19
Mine as well.

Parent - By Bowler_Hat (**) Date 03-07-2016 12:57
This welding symbol is part of a practical our crew must take before their interview. I didn't know that the F's were only for testing position, good thing this is a test. Regardless, this current location is still wrapping their mind around how welding beneath a plate angled at 35° from horizontal (0°) is not in fact, 'vertical' but is over head.
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