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- - By dew84 Date 04-05-2016 02:57
Hi everyone, any instructors want to share how they assess their students weld specimens or performance. I have a checklist with defects/discontinuities and deduct accordingly until their grade is finalized. I'm interested to see how other instructors grade weld assignments. My college is all about rubrics and checklist for evidence so I'm trying to see if I'm on the right page. I had thought about changing to a rating scale but I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance.
Parent - - By kcd616 (***) Date 04-05-2016 08:19
I will jump in here
head first (like always:eek::evil::twisted:)
the welding part is about melting metal
imho lab and teaching should be about lay-out, fitting, distortion
those 3 are what separates hack rod burners from real welders, craftsmen
again just imho
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-11-2016 02:19
Being able to layout and fit has nothing to do with the ability to weld. Though they are good skills, the ability to reach 4 tubes deep in a superheater section and root and fill a tube joint that gets RT'd is FAR different than being able to make a wraparound template, use a square, plumb bob, level, and read a drawing.
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-11-2016 02:41
I teach non-credit courses (workforce training) so have some latitude in what I do.

I grade all of the final welds blind with no knowledge of the students. At the completion of the class, the final test welds are given with only one chance to pass. One example of grading single pass fillet welded tee joints is as follows.

1) Remove all welds that do not meet the minimum specifications for at least 70% of their length to the "Failed" pile.
2) Sort (left to right with left being the best) all remaining welds based upon consistency in size based upon the length of areas with variation in the length of the weld. Score them left to right 100 to 70 depending on the length of size variations. Write the score on the pc.
3) Measure total length of discontinuities on each weld and re-sort them based upon the length of discontinuity percentage.
4) Subtract the length of discontinuities from the length of weld and divide it by the overall length to get the score.
5) Re Sort the welds by score.
6) Average the score for consistency and the score for discontinuities.

Another "less technical" method I use is to just sort them left to right on appearance, score the best one based on a quick look at how much of it meets the minimum requirements. Thats the start of the curve. I then sort the rest in descending order and score the "worst" one that I still consider acceptable for the class a 70. I then go through them 2 or three times resorting them in groups with 5 point differences.

My preferred method is just Pass/Fail with specific acceptance criteria that addresses minimum and maximum conditons.
Parent - By Blaster (***) Date 04-15-2016 14:27
All of my stuff is done pass / fail.  How strict the criteria are depends on the level of the course.  The shop grade is based on how many of the possible assignments were completed successfully.
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