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- - By Dinojay Date 03-23-2016 21:10
now the question is..... where do I got to get my "feet wet"??
I am officially a CWI right now......
and don't want to get thrown to the wolves "so to speak".

I thought finding work was going to be a lot easier than this.
any help for a newbie Is appreciated.
Parent - By Superflux (****) Date 03-23-2016 22:07
Congratulations and welcome to the Club.
Sorry, but your timing's a bit off for the "Pick of the low hanging fruit". Jobs are scarce industry wide and therefore competition is high.
I suggest you try to get more training and certs. RT Interp, MT, PT, UT etc. How about computer skills? Do you have a working knowledge of Office, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook? How are your technical writing skills? Can you take fotos and add circles, arrows, text and post them into a report? If not I highly suggest you start a self study. If all you can do is play games, shop on Amazon and eBay, then I might suggest some professional training.
When times are slow, take advantage if you can and make yourself more marketable. It hurts less if you don't have to take time off from work to take tests, attend seminars and schools. At least that is my personal philosophy.
Not knowing your location, flexibility, background or the career path you have envisioned, there are still plenty of opportunities out there.
I have years behind me in this line of work and I spend everyday sending CVs when between projects. I am a contract Inspector and I have to decide between where, when, how long, how much $$$, plus a host of other variables.
I can understand not wanting to "get thrown to the wolves", but do you have any relevant experience.
QC/CWIs should try to get some training/mentoring before going full throttle.

Yes, you are now Certified... but how qualified are you?
Give us some specifics and we'll try to help.
Best of luck to you in your search.
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 03-23-2016 22:50 Edited 03-23-2016 22:54
South Carolina.  A bit far from my stomping grounds.

Do you have your certificate and stamp yet?  Or just got the email notice?

What part of the industry are you focused on?  Pipeline?  Structural?  Or?

Willing it move?  Travel? 

Do you want to work for someone else or do as John and myself and work for yourself with all your own insurances, certifications, equipment, licenses, etc, etc? 

Outside of that, John answered pretty thoroughly. 

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - - By Dinojay Date 03-24-2016 12:53
I am from South Carolina,
And yes, I am willing to travel.

I have been a welder since 1984.

And I am open to any field for CWI.

And I have been looking into the NDT stuff,.... But there are so many options, and I don't want to choose the wrong one.
Where is the best place to start with NDT?

And I just got my card and certificate in the mail this week.
Stamp will be 4-6 weeks they said....

Any help is appreciated..:)
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 03-24-2016 12:57
How close are you to Greenville?
PQT is in Greenville, Bill Plumstead Sr and Bill Jr offer NDT classes.

I took my refresher MT II and PT II classes with them. Also subcontracted them for my Level III when I was at my previous employer to help with my NDT program for in-house inspection over the VT, UT, MT and PT processes.
Parent - By Dinojay Date 03-24-2016 13:59
I am about 3 hours from Greenville.....
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 03-24-2016 16:12
About 30 minutes out of Augusta, GA.  You should be able to find someone there who teaches NDT. 

I would recommend starting with MT but also if possible get your classroom hours going on UT asap.  UT takes a lot of hands on hours so you will want to start working with it right away.  MT will be faster to get and is well worth getting.

Parent - By weldnote (*) Date 04-06-2016 18:01

I am based in europe so my experience might be different from yours.

I see a lot of postings for CWI (as well as welding engineers and such) in the middle-east, so if you are willing to move to very far away that could be an option.
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-14-2016 15:24
I strongly suggest looking into the area in which you gained your qualifying experience 1st.

Familiarity with the methods used in a certain industry can make your new evironment a bit easier to cope with.

Congratulations. Did you take a course or self study?
- - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-26-2016 17:58
Congratulations on passing the CWI examinations. That quiet an achievement.

Now for the big question; did you take the API 1104 or the D1.1 open book examination? That may have a major influence on what job opportunities are available in your geographic region. You are not too far from the Marcellus Shale region. While the number new wells being drilled is down, there are pipelines still being constructed in the region. The prospective employer will most likely prefer someone familiar with API 1104 if that is the industry you are interested in. On the other hand, if you prefer working in the steel fabrication industry, the employer may prefer or insist on hiring someone that passed the D1.1 examination.

My advise is to go to the "Job Find" website listed on the AWS Homepage and search the site for openings aligned with your interests and back ground. No one is going to run up to you and ask you if you are a CWI and would you please come to work for us. Although there was just such a post here on the Forum a couple of weeks ago. There was someone looking for a CWI for a position in New England.

You have also heard from others suggesting you get additional training in NDE such as PT, MT, etc. I concur with their recommendations, but you might want to try a position as a CWI to see if this is the type of work you really want to do. Not everyone actually enjoys working as an inspector.  The CWI credential opens many doors beside visual inspection. CWIs work in many related fields because the CWI credential demonstrates the individual has the ability to be trained, they are capable of learning, and they have a working knowledge of the technology. So, don't limit your job search to visual inspection only. Also, don't be afraid to get your feet wet with a part time/weekends only situation.

Networking is so important in our industry. Attend the meeting of your local sections of AWS and ASNT. People hire people they know and many good job opportunities are not advertised.

Best regards - Al
Parent - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 04-14-2016 05:11

This is no different then being a professional welder....contacts, contacts, contacts.  While inspection jobs are much more advertised, still it is about who you know for the real money.  You can probably with some work find a semi local inspection company to put you to work 9-5 to get your feet wet for a while. The real money will come from a road job somewhere under some other qc making twice your pay. Everywhere you go and everyone you talk to...keep the phone numbers and names and just ground pound....look for the big construction projects, find out who they are and push yourself on them. The money will come from your references and depth of contacts.  IF you do that you can be making bank in a few years and stay employed.  If you want a regular type job you should find a company wanting an inspector locally or an inspection shop to work at.
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