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- - By tonixwelds (*) Date 06-29-2016 03:47
I just became a newly cwi may 2016. Been a welder for 4 yrs and a industrial pipe welder foe a yr. I took the api 1104. I see most posts want so many years experience required or experience with certain fields. It seems harder than i thought to try and find a good source for cwi's with no inspection experience. I check roadtechs and Any help or suggestions or clarity is much appreciated.
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 06-29-2016 05:35
Congrats on passing.

One of your best resources will people who already know you.  Contact lead men, owners, other inspectors who you have worked with.  They may be willing to give you a chance or give you a lead.

Second, AWS Section meetings.  Great networking and learning opportunities. 

Third, keep checking those internet locations you mentioned.  Send resumes out everywhere.

Fourth, send out more resumes.  Get in the phone book, on the internet and chase down addresses to send your resume to outfits that may need a QC person.

Send resumes to Inspection companies/labs that may need more techs with their CWI. 

Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 06-29-2016 16:15
98% of my jobs were and still are based on referrals from people that know me and what I can or have done in the past. Networking is how one gets the leads to the good jobs. 

As mentioned by Brent, attend the local meetings of AWS, AISC, ASNT, ASME, etc. That's how you meet new people that have the knowledge and access to job openings in their companies or other companies looking for skilled people. Join professional societies such as AWS, ASME, etc. Memberships are not free, but the connections made are worth their weight in gold.

When I say, "attend meetings," I'm not saying one or two a year, attend all of the meetings so you get to "know" the players. Meeting new people is not the same as getting to know the people you meet. They, likewise, need to know you before they are going to recommend you for a position or tell you of a job opening. They need to know you are a responsible person that can do the work before they are going to put their name and reputation at risk by recommending you.

Good luck with your job search. Remember, the CWI is a professional. You need to travel in the same circles as other professionals, dress like a professional, and act like a professional.

Best regards - Al
Parent - By tonixwelds (*) Date 07-04-2016 03:21 Edited 07-04-2016 03:25
Thnx for the reply brent & Al
Parent - - By tonixwelds (*) Date 07-23-2016 03:43
Hey welderbrent just curious are u the brent who has made the cwi videos on youtube?
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 07-23-2016 04:19
Not that I know of.  I'll have to check that out when I get some time.  Thanks. 

Parent - - By Superflux (****) Date 06-29-2016 16:41
I get asked this same question on a regular basis. Some are even approaching their 3 year "refinancing" deadline and questioning whether they should re-up. Times are lean right now. There are fewer jobs and the " CWI Mills " are still pumping out graduates.
"most posts want so many years experience required or experience with certain fields." The Infamous double edged sword stabs again. It's like wanting to work in a Nuke and they all want a current (within the last 12 months or do not apply) badge. No badge no job, can't get the job with out a badge. Exception might be a USN veteran with the Navy Nuclear diploma in hand.
Problem(s) is/were/are (that I had) was;
1) I could make much more under the hood.
2) The jobs that paid more than breathing fumes seemed to be scooped up by those in the clique. OR!
3) No way was I going to move to WHERE the job was.
My advice is if employed, KEEP your day Job. Invest in yourself and future new profession further. The CWI is a Gateway certification. Use all your financial resources, vacation, holiday, sick and personal time off to obtain MORE Certs. ICC, ASNT and NDE are your ticket to financial prosperity and professional bliss.
Personal story... Due to reasons 1, 2, & 3 above, about 10 years ago things slowed down a bit professionally so I took my own advice. Blocked in a couple or 4 months off (which turned into a year... that's whole nudder story), and took RT Interp, MT, PT, VT, and UT classes. Got some fancy looking shingles to wallpaper the office with. Between travel, lodging, tests and seminar fees I spent 1/2 my year's pay on that wallpaper. Well, that and going swimming with manta rays in Kailua, Hawaii.
Got a whining spouse and wailing children... oh well... So too did I when I was a new CWI. In the famous words of the radio talk show host/financial wizard Dave Ramsey; "Rice and beans, beans and rice."
Cut corners and make it happen. MAKE yourself hireable. Be diligent in your search.
OR... I do know of one fella that did it the old fashioned way and got engaged to the owner's daughter.
Best of luck to ya.
Parent - - By tonixwelds (*) Date 07-04-2016 03:25
Lol enjoyed the post. Thank u sir
Parent - By Dougstewart (*) Date 07-20-2016 19:03
i feel you , its a tuff world out there. im curently looking for a CWI with sheet metal experience . well at least the ability to vt about 3000 foot of fillets and seal welds a day.. if your intrested ? gotta start some where right..
just message me if you would like to talk about it
Parent - - By Trackergd (**) Date 07-20-2016 20:08

Not sure if this helps or not.  The Weld Inspection Services/Labs/Schools in my area are frequently looking for CWI's who live in the outer edges of their service areas to witness welder certification testing and diagnose welding issues at the businesses they serve.  It may be a subcontractor position depending on the company.

This is my retirement game plan in 4 3/4 years.
Parent - - By tonixwelds (*) Date 07-23-2016 03:45 Edited 07-24-2016 03:16
Tracker, how do i look somethin like that up?
Parent - By Trackergd (**) Date 07-25-2016 12:36
I google welding training schools and welding inspection labs in any given area, then contact them.

In the Eastern part of PA, the main lab service is WTTI (Welders Testing and Training Institute).
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