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- - By TRowe (*) Date 07-24-2016 00:22
The company I work for has a WPS that is for P-1, Group 1 to P-1, Group 1 materials. The WPS was qualified using SA53/ SA106  Gr. B / API 5L  X42 materials (all P-1,Gr. 1).  We have been asked to fabricate several piping spools that will be of the SA106 Gr. C material which is a P-1, Gr. 2 material. After reading QW-403.5(b), it is my understanding the Gr. 2 material would require a separate WPS because the current WPS is limited to P-1, Gr. 1 materials. Is my understanding correct?

On a side note: The welding process (SMAW) and other variables(e.g., filler metals, thicknesses, etc.) in the current WPS would not change.

If I need to supply additional information let me know.

Attachment: WPS-PQR.pdf (249k)
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 07-24-2016 02:31
Does QW-403.5(b) apply to the welding you will be doing. Is it listed as a "supplementary essential" variable for your process in the code? If yes, do supplementary essential variables apply to the qualification of your procedure?

If QW-403.5(b)is listed as an "essential variable" then it applies always.

Though I could have answered your question more directly, looking at it like this may help.
Parent - - By TRowe (*) Date 07-26-2016 04:41
Thanks for your response and approach in your answer, it did help. Yes, it is listed as a "supplementary essential" in the welding process (SMAW). However, notch-toughness testing is not required which, as I am now understanding, would allow us to proceed with the current WPS.

Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 07-26-2016 16:37
If you have the variable listed on your WPS then you have to comply. Though being a supplementary essential variable it does not require listing unless you are required to do to a CVN regime. You cannot have it on your WPS and ignore it. You need to rewrite your WPS.
Parent - - By TRowe (*) Date 07-26-2016 23:06

This variable is not listed on the WPS and notch-toughness testing was not applicable in the qualification of this procedure.

My answer of "Yes, it is listed as a "supplementary essential" in the welding process" in the previous response was from reading the welding variables table(QW-253) for SMAW.

This is where my confusion actually began as it shows group numbers as a supplementary essential variable. Being new to the inspection world and really trying to understand Sec.IX, the "P numbers and group numbers" got me side tracked. Our WPS/PQR does not list the variable and through your response and pipewelder1999's response, I have been able to determine (and comprehend) the right course of action moving forward.

And I also agree,You cannot have it on your WPS and ignore it.

Parent - By MBSims (****) Date 07-31-2016 15:22
Sounds like you have it figured out. Just to be clear about what others have already said, if your WPS specifies it is for P-No. 1 Gr. 1 base metals, then that is all it can be used on. If you want to weld P-No. 1 Gr. 1 and Gr. 2, and notch toughness requirements do not apply, then all you need to do is revise the WPS to include Group 2 or delete the reference to Group Numbers (i.e. mark Group No. as "N/A" on the WPS).
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