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- - By athulpcucek (*) Date 10-12-2016 16:16
Dear experts,

I have a fillet weld WPS qualified in plate T-joint in 2F position according to AWS D1.1:2010. Can I use this WPS to weld pipe to plate fillet welds on all diameter pipes?. In AWS D1.1:2015, they have imposed the restriction clearly to ' 600 mm dia. & over only'. But in AWS D1.1:2010 it was not clearly mentioned. We've jobs which still folllows AWS D1.1:2010. Pls give your replies.

Parent - By 46.00 (****) Date 10-12-2016 22:39
If your contract specification states which year then you work to that.
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 10-15-2016 22:31
Tables for Tubular Qualifications in 2015 are in clause 9 however regardless, you should find a statement within the code that allows WPS's qualified to previous versions to be acceptable. So I would start there. However if you have to have 2015 compliant WPS's think about the below info.

Often errors in newly released codes that are addressed by errata sheets. Take a look at this and make sure your table you are viewing is not included.

Below is the Text from the 2015 code about the reorginization of the Tubular requirements. Almost always there is an error in the tables in D1.1....Why ? Who knows.

The 2015 edition of the code has been reorganized. The tubular provisions, tables, and figures previously located throughout the code are now within Clause 9 entitled “Tubular Structures.” The reorganization required numerous reference changes and renumbering of the subclauses, tables, and figures. Many of the tables in Clause 4 contained provisions for Plate as well as Pipe or Tubing. The tables have been divided to only include Plate if contained in Clause 4 and Pipe or Tubing if contained in Clause 9. This separation of the information contained in the tables also resulted in many changes to the footnotes delineated in the tables.

Hope t his helps you in what you need.

Gerald Austin
Welding Inspection and Testing Services
Greeneville Tn.
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