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- - By pullemfar (*) Date 06-16-2018 14:04
I hired in with a mechanical outfit and tested on 6" sch40 6G carbon. Before starting my yest the weld foreman verbally told me that I can run my root and Hot pass up or down. My first reaction was to look at him like he had a pecker growing out of his forehead. I guess he could see the confusion so he explain that 10+ years ago "they" change the procedures and now allow for downhill on test for steam, etc.... 2ith the blessings of the weld foreman I was allowed to run a couple practice coupons and then ran my test. After I was comfortable with downhill went ahead and took the test and it was sent for x-ray and it came back shot for 100%. Both surprised and happy.

Now having been out of the craft for 14+ years I of course haven't heard this info. My question to you SME's is did the procedure actually change and if so where can I find that documentation.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 06-17-2018 00:56
To the best of my knowledge the welder could weld using uphill or the down hill progression as long he was qualified.

Generally the WPS is qualified using uphill progression, but again, it would depend on the specifics of the WPS.

Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 06-23-2018 11:48
There is a common belief among welders that one progression is "worse" than others or that some codes restrict the use of downhill or uphill altogether.

ASME Sec. IX does not prohibit downhill nor do any of the codes of construction. API 1104 does NOT prohibit uphill welding.

As with all welding in accordance with a code, the things that are required are a WPS qualified for the production joint and a welder qualified for the production joint.  They both must overlap for what is done on THAT specific weld and that's it.

Procedures are not "industry-wide" as each company is responsible for their own in almost all cases.

The documentation that supports uphill or downhill is the code that applies to the work that you are doing. Unfortunately, as a welder, you may often never see the secret "documentation" as sometimes it doesn't exist or is in control of the all powerful and all knowing QC inspector.

Have a good one.
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