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- - By VR46 Date 06-27-2018 15:42
Kindly help me out with the drafting of WPS for automatic welding machine that we have to use in production . Details as follows :-
1) Process - GMAW - PULSED MIG
2) base Material - Aluminium AA1370
3) filler wire - ER4043
4) MAchine  - Panasonic
i have drafted a WPS with all essential parameters of semi automatic welding process. but the challenge i am facing is like the third party we engaged for endorsing the WPS is asking for more details of Pulse setting . like PUlse duration , Base current and No. of cycles.
These parameters i have searched in entire catalouge .
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 06-27-2018 19:01
Those pulse waveform subroutines are vastly complicated most likely, if your Panasonic power supply is less than 10 years old.  Panasonic may or may not be willing to share proprietary data in that depth if you are using something already  programmed into the power supply.

The specification governing the welding should outline if that depth waveform data is a requirement or not for a WPS.

To which code or specification are you qualifying the welds ?     That will help a lot in defining an answer.
Parent - By VR46 Date 07-04-2018 14:36
Thank you sir. The standard is AWSD1.2 . This one is a new machine. though i got the wps signed today by the third party. they have mentioned there is no pulse used in the process we are doing at present. I havent seen any pulsed welding process yet so was in confusion. Actually the machine is capable of doing pulsed MIG welding too but we have to add command for pulse in the welding program. In our welding programme as there is no command for pulse i got the procedure endorsed for process without pulse by automatiuc machine. :wink::wink::wink:
- - By TerryTerzian (*) Date 06-27-2018 22:37
All of the pulse settings the third party is requesting are adjustable and can be accessed on the screen display of your power supply. I am assuming you are already using a satisfactory pulse program.

The frequency is usually described by pulses per second, or PPS. Then main amps time, and then background amps percentage of main amps. Whether or not there is a wire speed reduction tied to  the background amps duration may be specific to your brand and model of machine.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 07-05-2018 14:10
I am happy to hear you are not pulsing on aluminum. There should be no need to pulse when welding aluminum unless you are welding sheet metal thicknesses.

Aluminum typically requires high heat input due to the thermal conductivity of the base metal. You should be able to spray in all positions when using GMAW.

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