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- By Pawndave (*) Date 07-07-2018 21:13

Im not sue if this is the place for this kind of question, if not let me know and i'll delete it. I just have a wage question. Im a former welder, who went NDE and is now an 8 year CWI. 4 of that was working in the field and the last 4 have been working in a testing lab. All together i have around 20 years in the inspection industry. The lab i work for is owned by a large NDE company and we are sort of restructuring it. Long story short i would be running the Lab. We are a full service lab. We have 8 booths and offer pretty much everything welding related. As well as materials testing. My role would include, witnessing the welding of PQR's, creating the PQR, sectioning the PQR, testing and writing up the WPS if necessary as well ad all the Admin work involved. I will have a helper "As Needed"...

Im just looking for opinions on what other CWI's would think this role is worth. Im in a position to have the discussion with my GM and let him know that I am willing to do it for X amount. I dont get much overtime so im thinking maybe a salary might be better.  This is on the west coast up in the Pacific Northwest where our cost of living is pretty high.  The lab has been around since the 70's and is well established, we normally have 2 CWI's and a Metallurgist.

Any input or advice would be great and very helpful

Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / CWI Standard

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