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- - By JM_VRCIC (*) Date 10-04-2010 20:29
Hi everyone, I have a little doubt. We have to qualify a welding procedure to weld, under API 1104, a 12" main pipe with a threadolet to it of 3/4". Acording to API 1104 5.7, is it right? Do I have to prepare the same joint design or for example we can qualify it with a 6" main pipe and a 2" fillet weld? If we do it with the 3/4" branch, we can't test it like the fig 11, with a 25mm of inspection area.

Thanks and hope to be clear.

Parent - - By eekpod (****) Date 10-05-2010 10:18
just so you know, what you are trying to say is "I have a question" not "I have a doubt".  My brother was in India for 4 months and learned that's how you guys proopsed your questions.
Not a big deal, just trying to help in case some people don't understand what your asking.
Unfortuanatly I don't work w/ API so I can't help you with your "question".
good luck
Parent - By JM_VRCIC (*) Date 10-08-2010 16:43
I logged in this forum for consulting, advises, etc. Not for english classes.
By the way, I am not Indian or from India.

Parent - - By jarsanb (***) Date 10-05-2010 13:50
Jaun, I think I understand your question. In sec. it states: The ranges of outside diameters and wall thicknesses over which the procedure is applicable shall be identified. Examples of suggested groupings are shown in 6.2.2.

When you look at sec. 5.4.2 Changes Requiring Re-Qualification, you will not see Diameter as an essential variable, but wall thickness range is.

In section 6.2.2 the diameter group listed is essential for welder qualifications but are only examples of procedure qualification ranges. It is permissable to have procedures with different ranges than those listed in this section. And revisions to procedures regarding diameter groupings can be made without re-qualification given all other essential variables remain.

The testing of either fig. 10 or fig. 11 should be the same. With fig. 10 showing a reducing branch connection and a lap joint sleeve while fig. 11 shows a same size branch on run/main.
Parent - - By JM_VRCIC (*) Date 10-08-2010 16:42

Thanks a lot for yr answer. Let me see if I get it right. If I have to weld a 12" main pipe to a 3/4" fillet weld branch by API 1104, I can qualify the procedure using a 4" main pipe to a 2" fillet weld branch because the diameter isn't a essential variable, but thickness is. Am I right? And the test are nick breaks.

Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 10-08-2010 17:19 Edited 10-08-2010 17:35
I believe the response offered was to clarify the nature of your question. The quality of the response is dependent on the clarity of the question asked.

I do not believe the response was intended to be offensive.

Best regards - Al
Parent - By Jango Date 07-09-2018 07:06
I guess it's not single qual. It should be multiple qual for welders. And, the one joint for above 12 inches covers all OD, all THK etc.
Please check API 1104 section 6.3.2
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / API 1104 fillet pqr qualification doubt

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