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- - By wajdi khamayseh Date 04-07-2019 04:59
Hello every body

Can you help me in the below ?

" As per client specification slicing is forbidden, and we can't comply with this specification where the standard length of raw material 12m,6m ;
Here we raised technical Query to client for obtain approval for splicing of steel beams and the client ask 100% RT,UT as per AWS D1.1 .
Here we can't comply with this requirement 100% RT for all splicing while mean as fabrication company we propose to perform 100% RT/UT for main columns and 10% RT,UT for other components "

Based on AWS D1.1; how we can persuade our client to accept our proposal by performing 100% RT/UT for main column / 10% for other components since this issue still open between client and fabricator and the project almost finish ?

The nature of fabrication project " Air Cooled Condenser of Power Plant with 750 ton steel structure

please advice
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 04-07-2019 13:46
What members are being fabricated and spliced? The nature of the loads should play a roll in determining whether RT is necessary. If the member is subject to bending, the member should probably be subject to RT. If the member is loaded in compress with minimal bending stresses, RT is probably not warranted.

This is something that should be considered when quoting the project. That's when these questions need to be asked and agreed to, not part way through the job.

The project specification stated no splices according to your post. So, there should be no surprise that the Owner is objecting to being notified splices are needed. The Owner is making sure the splices are sound. I completely understand the Owner's concerns and why the requirement for RT or UT is imposed.

Parent - - By wajdi khamayseh Date 04-08-2019 07:31

We understand the concern of owner to perform the RT&UT but not totally 100%.
From output results for UT for the main columns of ACC we found acceptable. we don't think its necessary to perform 100% UT/RT for upper structure.

Here my question after a lot of argument in regards, Whats AWD 1.1 says about splicing in details ? if you can help.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 04-08-2019 15:41
The project specification takes precedence over AWS D1.1.

If you are prohibited from using welded splices by the project specifications, and you agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract, the owner can pretty well demand what they want.

Why wasn’t the subject of welded splices addressed before submitting the quote?

Parent - By SWN1158 (***) Date 04-08-2019 15:41
It doesn't really matter what D1.1 says about anything, because the Engineer of Record can over ride the code on anything he/she feels necessary.. See General Requirements under 1.1 that states all provisions of the code are required except as specifically modified or made exempt by the engineer or the contract documents. If you were unable to procure material of a sufficient length, as Al said, that should have been addressed up front.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / Splicing of steel beams as per AWS D1.1

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