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- - By Shmally Date 05-03-2019 15:04
Distortion of SS during the welding and after

We have faced an issue related to distortion of SS pipelines during the welding due to a big size pipe 16 inch and low thickness 4.8mm.

Is there any guideline or best practice to eliminate or reduce the distortion during welding and after?
Parent - By Fabricadabra Date 05-03-2019 16:07
Which process are you using?
Parent - By WeldinFool (**) Date 05-03-2019 18:13
There is no way to eliminate or reduce this shrinking and distortion, it must be considered as part of the design, fit-up, and welding processes. The only alternatives may be to look into a mechanical connection such as Victaulic or other mechanical clamping systems.
Parent - By Jim Hughes (***) Date 05-03-2019 19:59
sounds like Sch. 10 SS. It very much depends on what the configuration is you are welding and what welding process. Lets take GTAW as an example. Welding a 16" header with multiple weld-O-lets on it is one issue. Welding fittings on to straight runs of pipe or pipe to pipe welds is another. The latter example can be easily controlled with good fitters and exp. Sch. 10 welders. Quartering the weld joints is one way, which is the process of applying equal application of heat input. You basically weld a quarter and then weld the opposite quarter.  Understanding the distortion direction and welding accordingly to control distortion. But the joint has to be plumb, level, and Square to start. That's where a good fitter comes in. We do a lot of Sch. 10 S.S of all diameters, and have to apply these practices every time.
Parent - By Jarhead1 (**) Date 05-03-2019 20:35
Heat Sinks.
On flat stock SS I have TIG Welded 3-6" than water quench.
Good Luck your just over 3/16" thk on a large diameter.
Not sure if these are options...
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