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Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / SS304 PLATES WELDED WITH 308L HAVING RUST AND MEGNETISM
- - By GOPI DELLNER Date 06-13-2019 07:49
Dear team,

I have a material recieved from one of the supplier. The base material is SS304 plate and filler rod used by him is 308L he claims. But the weld area has lots of rusting and when checked with a magnet, the magnet is heavily attracted to Weld alone. Kindly suggest something.. Is he used ER70S wire in TIG process??? Or should i do a PMI or Spectro?
Parent - - By Jarhead1 (**) Date 06-13-2019 12:29

Without knowing all the details.

If your welder used a Steel brush or a stainless brush that was used to clean carbon steel welds you will get surface rusting.
As for the material 300 series SS is non-magnetic. Should be able to do a visual if your familiar with welding stainless.
Although, I have read that cold working the material can cause it to be magnetic. or do your testing.

Did you check the material before welding???

Parent - - By GOPI DELLNER Date 06-14-2019 08:31
Dear sir,

I also basically doubt his cleaning process. Before welding it was not checked and the job is been brought by a supplier and given here directly.
Also with salt water, the rust on top of it has enhanced...
Parent - - By Jarhead1 (**) Date 06-14-2019 12:01
Why do you ask a question then??? If you dont like the answer. MAGA
Parent - By GOPI DELLNER Date 06-17-2019 03:36
Because its only assumptions.. If some one has  fixed answers then they wont raise questions.
Parent - - By toddler (**) Date 06-14-2019 04:48
Since the magnet is said to be attracted to the weld alone, means the filler metal is in question not the material.
You can do a PMI test. I'm sure you can find someone from an NDT contractor to do this which should not cost too much.
It's a simple portable equipment that can will help you assess if the weld metal is a carbon steel or stainless, as PMI provides indication of alloy content of certain materials. It :cry:can even tell you if the material under test is SS TP308 or 316, etc. it is easy to use so you can rent the equipment for a day and do the testing yourself.

for example:
Parent - - By GOPI DELLNER Date 06-14-2019 08:33
Dear sir,

Since the geometry is of fillet weld, we are not able to place PMI machine on the weld exactly. When we checked its showing base metal 304 chemistry and not of E308L.
Parent - By Tyrone (***) Date 06-17-2019 11:13
Very handy Tim!

Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 06-18-2019 17:24
Good tool to have in the Tool Box Tim. Thanks - Al
Parent - By Jim Hughes (***) Date 06-19-2019 14:59
you mentioned it's fillet welds and don't think the PMI gun can get into those areas. If that is correct then you may have to cut a piece out for PMI and possible failure analysis. If the rusting and magnetism is that bad then that would be your next step. My opinion.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / SS304 PLATES WELDED WITH 308L HAVING RUST AND MEGNETISM

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