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- - By Jarhead1 (**) Date 07-24-2020 16:20
Hello Everyone,

Quick question: On the visual inspection portion on a PQR for radiographic testing do you have to be a CWI to sign off. As where the portion on the same PQR for Radiographic testing was signed off by a accredited lab.

This is what I have read in the past: If the test report has separate sections for signatures, it is completely reasonable for a CWI or anybody else the Manufacturer judges competent to inspect and sign for what they inspected.

Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 07-24-2020 17:27
Something is missing I think eh ?
Parent - - By Jarhead1 (**) Date 07-24-2020 18:10 Edited 07-24-2020 18:33
Hey Lawrence - Hope all is well.
Reviewing a PQR and the visual inspection portion is signed by a (non-CWI alyhough a 30 yr weld supervisor) as acceptable,  the radiographic test results portion of the PQR is signed (passed) by a CWI from a accredited test facility. Is this acceptable giving the qualification level of the manufacturing weld supervisor.

The test is per code D1.1 (FCAW) 1G

Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 07-25-2020 00:51
OK, I think you are asking about the signatures on the PQR. The employer's representative signs the PQR indicating it is accepted as meeting the requirements of the governing document.

The signatures on the PQR indicating the laboratory tests were acceptable is typically a representative of the contractor, be they a CWI or not, they represent the contractor. I would hope the original test reports are archived and available for review should they be requested by the client's auditor.

I attached the original laboratory reports to the PQR. Everything appears as a PDF and all the documentation, i.e., the PQR and supporting documentation such as CMTRs and laboratory test reports are combined into one PDF. The PQR refers to the laboratory report numbers and list who from the laboratory signed the laboratory test reports which can be cross referenced with the copy of the laboratory test report. Some of my PQRs with supporting documentation may be several pages long with all the supporting documentations.

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