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- - By Vansledge (*) Date 03-27-2021 07:52
Greeting Guys,
I wish to seek our take on this loophole in API 1104
Scenario: welders/operators where qualified for a pipeline project, along the line the project was stopped (either covid19 or communal issue in that area). So the the welders has stayed at home for more than 8months without welding.
What is API 1104 stand on this (cos I check 20th edition and nothing much about requalification)
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-27-2021 16:44 Edited 03-27-2021 17:03
The Owner (the Company) would be the "last"  word on the subject.

If I'm not mistaken, the welder usually is qualified by each employer before going on the firing line. Then, the completed joints are subject to UT or RT, so every weld is a "test". If a problem is identified, the welder can be required to retest whenever there is a reason to question his skill.

Parent - - By Vansledge (*) Date 03-29-2021 11:05
Thanks Al,
The owner has last say, but the owners do not even care, all the need is complete our work let's go...
So the contractors will do what is in their mind (pocket friendly)
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-29-2021 18:24
I guess it boils down to whether you perceive a problem with the welder's skill.

All you can do is report the situation to the Owner.

Parent - By Jim Hughes (***) Date 04-05-2021 19:12
Al is correct. API 1104 is silent except for that one point. If you question the welders ability. And the way pipe lines are run the chief inspector is boss. If you get on his/her bad side, he has just questioned your ability to make sound welds. Also, Mid stream companies here in the Houston area i.e. Kinder-Morgan, Magellan have it in their specs that a welder needs to retest after 6 months. No matter if they are welding at the time or not.
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