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- - By Vansledge (*) Date 04-21-2021 22:37
Trust we're having great time in our respective areas,
Please guys is the any specification or best practices on distance between two welds.
Below is what I read:
a. 2*WT or 50mm which ever is greater.
b. 5*diameter of the pipe or fittings.

So guys insight will be appreciated.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 04-22-2021 12:24
My vote is there is no requirement in the Farm Code.

What is a multiple pass groove weld or a multiple pass fillet weld? They are simply one bead deposited adjacent to another such that the beads and HAZs overlap to produce a weld of the required size. In that case, if my definition is reasonable, the minimum distance between adjacent welds is "Zero". Each weld bead is a distinct, separate weld.

Parent - - By SWN1158 (***) Date 04-22-2021 20:44

Since you didn't reference a code, the Farm Code would be the most logical choice.

Otherwise, here's what AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code - Steel says about weld spacing...

4.12 Built-Up Members

4.12.1 Minimum Required Welding. If two or more plates or rolled shapes are used to build up a member, sufficient welding (fillet, plug, or slot type) shall be provided to make the parts act in unison but not less than that which may be required to transmit the calculated stress between the parts joined.

4.12.2 Maximum Spacing of Intermittent Welds General. Except as may be provided by or, the maximum longitudinal spacing of intermittent welds connecting a plate component to other components shall not exceed 24 times the thickness of the thinner plate nor exceed 12 in [300 mm]. The longitudinal spacing between intermittent fillet welds connecting two or more rolled shapes shall not exceed 24 in [600 mm]. Compression Members. In built-up compression members, except as provided in, the longitudinal spacing of intermittent fillet weld segments along the edges of an outside plate component to other components shall not exceed 12 in [300 mm] nor the plate thickness times 0.730 ✓E/Fy (Fy = specified minimum yield strength and E is Young's modulus of elasticity for the type of steel being used.) When intermittent fillet weld segments are staggered along opposite edges of outside plate components narrower than the width provided by the next sentence, the spacing shall not exceed 18 in [460 mm] nor the plate thickness times 1.10 ✓E/Fy. The unsupported width of web, cover plate, or diaphragm plates, between adjacent lines of welds, not exceed the plate thickness times 1.46 ✓E/Fy. When unsupported transverse spacing exceeds this limit, but a portion of its width no greater than 1.46 ✓E/Fy times the thickness would satisfy the stress requirement, the member shall be considered acceptable . Unpainted Weathering Steel. For members of unpainted weathering steel exposed to atmospheric corrosion, if intermittent fillet welds are used, the spacing shall not exceed 14 times the thickness of the thinner plate nor 7 in [180 mm].
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 04-22-2021 21:03
Scott, you're on target if D1.1 is the governing code and the question relates to "What is the maximum spacing between welds."

I took the question to be in regards to "What is the minimum spacing between adjacent welds."

It would be so much easier to provide a rational response if the question was more definitive. We wouldn’t have to guess what the person posting the question was actually looking for. Then again, where’s the fun in that?

Best regards - Al
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 04-23-2021 16:57

My guess would be that the OP is asking about the distance between two pipe welds.    Pipe stuff always depends on service and contract stuff as well as construction specification...   Gotta look at what's governing and see if it speaks to your subject.

In the D1.1 world I've come across inspectors who are looking at flanges in built-up members and want to say that flange splices cannot be too close together... But the code does not address that.    There is some verbiage in D1.8 in the protected zone, but I don't really think even that specifies a minimum distance between splices.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 04-23-2021 20:52
I hate to go into too much detail when the person posting isn't willing to spend 5-minutes to tell us the applicable code and exactly what information they are looking for.

I hate playing guessing games.

Parent - By Jim Hughes (***) Date 05-10-2021 11:42
I agree, When they don't respond to posts that have tried to help but need more info. Trouble shooting a posters issue is something I enjoy doing but doing it by brail makes its hard.
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