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- - By pradeep4u (*) Date 09-05-2023 12:19
Dear All
Please tell me the meaning of welding symbol  in red circle in drawing attached
Parent - - By TimGary (****) Date 09-06-2023 17:35
The Weld Symbol matches an AWS A2.4 symbol for a V-Grove with a convex weld face contour.
If it were and AWS A2.4 welding symbol. the 5 to the symbol left would be the groove depth, the 40 to the right would be the weld length and the circle at the reference line and arrow junction would mean "weld all around".
The dash ( - ) between the weld symbol and weld length (40) is not an AWS utilized symbol.
The (E8013B2) may be an electrode designation, but an AWS A2.4 welding symbol could have that info in a tail at the end of the reference line, which is not included in your example.
The D34 below the reference line is not an AWS designation.
I see no designation on the drawing provided to state a weld or welding symbol specification or units of measurement.
The sad truth is that every engineering office has its own opinions on welding symbols and whether or not to use standard AWS or ISO symbiology. This symbol does not fully match either, so the only one who can accurately define what is meant is the one who drew the symbol.

Parent - - By pradeep4u (*) Date 09-07-2023 05:12
I am attaching  another drawing and here also pipe to pipe welding has same symbols. Please throw light on it
Attachment: 31-M-097.tif (337k)
Parent - - By TimGary (****) Date 09-07-2023 11:48
It's clear the Detailer has his/her own opinions about welding symbols, without regard to following AWS or ISO standards.
The most important part of the drawing is noted in the bottom left hand corner which states "If in doubt, ask." This means you need to direct questions to the entity that provides the drawing. Any guidance you receive from others may be misleading.

Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 09-08-2023 12:02
Drawings are 36 years old (1987), so it may be a challenge to get an explanation unless the original detailer's grandson works for the company :)

But perhaps the company that provided the drawings are aware of their 20th century standard detailing practices and can answer all your questions.
Parent - By Jovi Zhu (**) Date 10-08-2023 12:21
I have ~2 decade experience working in power boiler pressure part manufacturing seeing drawings from various companies including very old ones but have never seen such welding symbols.

The boiler industry Codes/Standards gives requirement for joint preparation and some company has its own joint design manual with details more than what the AWS A 2.4 "V" symbol can stand for.

Tube/pipe butt welding in the industy does not need the "weld all around" symbols at all, as all welders know the whole girth must be welded.

Most manufacturers has their system using WPS (ASME I&IX and EN12952 makes this almost mandatory) or equivelant documents to specify the electrodes other than by drawing symbols. Some European companies list welding electrodes, preheat & interpass temp., heat treatment, etc. in a table on drawings for each joint number but not using welding symbols to specify.

It happens when you have to fabricate a replacing part for a very old boiler then such old drawing is found. It may be difficult to find the original designer to intepret but if the contractor has the due expertise in the industry (s)he may re-design it with judgement of the suitable welding requirement.

Good luck.
- By sandeepkumar63 (*) Date 10-06-2023 15:32
A all around V-Groove weld symbol with convex weld surface. Tail section provide info about required welding rod as E8013-B2 and now a days we mainly use low-hydrogen rods for welding Cr-Mo Steel, so you should use E8018-B2 for Stick or use ER80S-B2 with TIG.  Very old outdated drawing but thanks for sharing it.

The ultimate aim is to produce a quality weld and as long as you follow the best practices such as good weld preparation, root gap welded with TIG to create a good root fusion, there is no issue at all. As a Cr-Mo steel, you have to do the PWHT of this joint.

The weld-all-around symbol or also called Peripheral weld is used to represent a weld that encircles a group of interconnected joints. In simple weld, a Weld around Symbol shows a weld that is made all around the weld location. This symbol is in the form of a circle placed at the intersection of the arrow and reference lines.
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