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- - By welder2007 Date 02-06-2007 16:42
Hi everyone, im new to the site and new to the trade!....I was just wondering if anyone on here was from Alberta. I am in a welding coarse right now, and when I leave I will come out with my second year apprentice welding position....I was wondering if anyone new any good places to work in alberta, and what the wages should be for a second year apprentice?
Parent - - By JINX (*) Date 02-06-2007 20:12
Hello welder2007,
You chose a great time to take up welding since there will be a predicted shortage of 200,000 welder by the year 2010.  I am from the Allentown ares of Pennsylvania, whoever there is an article in the January issue of Penton's Welding Magazine titled, "Filling a Workforce Gap."  The article is specifically about the growth of welding at the Alberta oil sand project.  The sand flat is located at Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada.  The magazines web site is,  You should be able to read the article on there site.  Stay with the trade, we need new blood.
Parent - By welder2007 Date 02-13-2007 17:29
Thanks for the advice JINX, I will go to that site today!
Parent - - By IRWelder (*) Date 02-06-2007 23:15
Hi welder2007,
Are you an Alberta apprentice? Just wondering if you're taking the course in Alberta or not? Edmonton and Calgary have many shops that hire apprentices and they can be good places to learn the trade. Not sure on 2nd year rate , though.
Parent - - By welder2007 Date 02-13-2007 17:32
Hello IRWelder, Yes I am an apprentice welder, but i took my schooling in Saskatchewan, but all I have to do is be signed up with the appretnticship board in saskatchewan, and then the board in Alberta has to accept what I have done here in Saskatchewan. But if I did not sign up with the board here first then when I moved to Alberta, when I signed up they would make me write a level 1 and a level 2 test. Thanks for the advice!
Parent - By IRWelder (*) Date 02-16-2007 02:11
Welder 2007,
A fellow Saskatchewanite, I see. I'm originally from Sask. but moved to Alberta in 1984 and started a welding apprenticeship obtaining my Journeyman ticket in 1989 and B ticket in 1990. As others have stated, if you do come out here make sure you have a place to stay first because the cost of housing, lodging has become insane all over Alberta in the last couple of years. The amount of work has declined in the past few months though. More like a normal pace compared to how busy it was.
Parent - By mig welder (*) Date 02-11-2007 19:36
I'll be in Alberta at the end of July
Parent - - By darren (***) Date 02-11-2007 20:13
grande prairie, look up demac construction <> or drivers construction weyerhaeuser since i don't know you can't endorse you but they are both hiring.
good luck
Parent - By welder2007 Date 02-13-2007 17:33
Thanks darren, I will look that up soon!
Parent - - By Sean (**) Date 02-15-2007 01:28
Hi Welder,
I'm originally from Alberta... but living in the east.  Just a heads up if you are going to Fort Mac.  Housing is a big issue, even the camps are full up these days.  There is a lot of work; however, real estate and any form of lodging is at premium.  Make sure you have a place to stay before you go.

It also helps if you are a journeyman welder.

Parent - By makeithot (***) Date 02-17-2007 22:51
Just out of curriosity what is the going rate for accomodations in fort mac, does the stories of high pay make it worth the trip.
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