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Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Lincoln's E6010 or Hobart's E6011?
- - By jp2welder (**) Date 02-22-2007 19:12
There's a 50 lb box of each for sale, with the Lincoln priced just a little more.

1. Lincoln Fleetweld 5P+ E6010


2. Hobart 335A E6011

I know 6011 can be used with AC, but Lincoln's 5P+ is supposed to be a darned good rod.

Which way should I go? My Lincoln Ranger 8 can burn in AC or DC, so that doesn't really matter.
Parent - - By waynekoe (**) Date 02-22-2007 20:20
Got a quarter to flip?
Parent - - By jp2welder (**) Date 02-22-2007 20:51
If there's no difference, my quarter came up saying, "Save money and buy the cheaper Hobart rods."

I would be willing to use someone's "5P+ rods are unbeatable" response to justify the extra expense, but only if they actually are a better rod.
Parent - - By aevald (*****) Date 02-22-2007 21:09
Hello jp2welder, if you can, talk the supplier into giving you some samples to try. Then figure out which one better suits your needs and the types of welding that you do. Once you've got that figured out, buy the one that works best. It's like anything else, one man's gold is another man's garbage. Good luck and regards, aevald
Parent - - By Molten Metal (**) Date 02-22-2007 22:49
Jp2...I use 6011 alot at the recycling yard and run it on DC+.It works really good on rusty/painted surfaces.I also use 6010.The 6011 works good in out of position work as does the 6010.If the price is alot less for the 6011,I say get it.It can be run DC+ as well as AC.Gary.
Parent - - By jp2welder (**) Date 02-23-2007 17:46
Thanks Gary.
Yeah, I do a lot of crap-patch work on trucks. I'd prefer to do quality work, but the customers don't want to pay for it, and they refuse to clean their equipment before I work on it. Lots of asphalt in the bed, mud, etc.
Parent - By waynekoe (**) Date 02-24-2007 03:03
For what your doing, either one will work for you. They'll both will burn thru the paint, tar, or what have you equally well.The 6011 didn't seem to have as much spatter and gives you more versitility as far as current types. But if it's the cost that concerns you, then go for the least expensive. The end result will be the same. The five or six bucks you save will taste pretty good when the day is over.
Parent - By jp2welder (**) Date 02-26-2007 14:13
Thanks everyone.

FYI: I went with a box of Hobart 6011s.
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