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- - By hogan (****) Date 02-26-2007 19:33
i ran across this piece of 5" a500b x 3/16". it looks like there was a little misalignment on the long seam. i have not seen this on tube steel, only on pipe. anyway it's an interesting picture.
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Parent - By aevald (*****) Date 02-26-2007 20:34
Hello Hogan, that is an interesting photo. A few years back up in Longview there was a company called Prudential Steel, they were manufacturers of pipe, tube steel, and other types of induction forge welded seamed shapes. I had been to their facility a number of times and they had shown myself and others the process of manufacture and some of the problems associated with this. Normally a shape such as that would have never left the mill, apparently in your case they definitely missed one. In some cases, tube steel such as the 5"x5"x 3/16" that you have there, actually starts out from a flat strip, it is then made round like a pipe by passing it through a series of forming dies and then is put through an additional set of rolling dies to square-off the sides to make it a square tube. The seaming process uses induction heating coils both externally and internally to heat it to the proper temperature to allow it to forge weld through the combination of heat and pressure in the appropriate amounts. You'll notice I said they used to be in Longview, they were bought out by a company from either Alabama or Georgia and then the mill was disassembled and shipped south. Just a point of interest. Regards, aevald
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / tube steel defect

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