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- - By Harley01 Date 02-26-2007 21:12
Does anyone have this, and can you tell me how you like/rate it? I want a little portable ARC welder that I could use outside or to patch up stuff. I have a MIG, but wanted to see if this is worth the buy? Thanks
Parent - By Molten Metal (**) Date 02-27-2007 02:23
Not unless it's free.
Parent - - By Harley01 Date 02-27-2007 03:18
for $40.00? will it weld up to 1/8th? Thanks
Parent - By monsoon12 (**) Date 02-27-2007 22:08
Harley a Stick amperage calculator is a really hugh help when deciding what a machine can do.Im looking at mine right now an there isnt awhole lot 70 amps is going to do for you.Then you have to see if its 70 amps ac or dc.from my cal it shows you would be able to burn some 3/32 6010,6011,6013, some 7018 but your pushing it an some 308L.Theres other buzz boxes out there with more amps .The cals you can get on ebay really cheap.Good luck ,
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 02-28-2007 20:05
I used an 80 amp inverter for the welds shown at this page. . Those wre made using a Thermal  dragster 80. A similar machine is avaialable at Harbor freight. I have used that machine and found it NO different than the thermal machine. 5/64 6013 run pretty nice for minor around the house jobs.

Parent - - By Molten Metal (**) Date 02-28-2007 23:43
I would say that IF it's an inverter then"yes" it's worth it,but,I am assuming that its an AC unit with a 2 second or less duty cycle,which I would definetly say NO.Inverters dont usually sell for that cheap,well,never actually,unless the person doesnt know what they have.Gary.........I have a buddy who has a dragster and its bitchen.He uses it to weld black pipe with 3/32 electrodes and it's so light and portable.
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 03-01-2007 03:47
Harbor Freight sells the 110v inverters for the $150.00 range.
Parent - - By Harley01 Date 03-02-2007 13:36
Thanks for all the responses. Hey pipewelder_1999, what model was the one you saw and used at Harbor Freight? Thanks
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 03-07-2007 17:44
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