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- - By DV8 Date 03-05-2007 17:29
I am pretty new to welding but am looking for my first welder.  I use a Miller 251 at work and this is the only machine i have ever used so my knowledge is very limited.  I have been looking at a multiprocess machine from HTP that is an Inverter power source.  All their Tig machines are inverters but none of their mig machines are.  Am i sacrificing something in the mig mode?  I will be using this machine for mig welding mostly.  I notice that in the mig mode the duty cycle of the inverter based machine was better than that of their equal size(160 amp) transformer based mig machine that is over a hundred lbs heavier.  I hope i made a little sense.  Does anybody have an opinion about or experience with the           HTP MTS160?  Thanks
Parent - By js55 (*****) Date 03-05-2007 19:18
As to whether you are sacrificing something with the Mig mode when considering transformer/inverter depends upon your application. Transformers are used every day all over the world and produce results every bit as good as inverters. Inverters provide greater diversity of control (which you may not need) and greater power efficiency. They also cost more. You may wish to be more specific about how you wish to use your machine.
Parent - - By yorkiepap (***) Date 03-05-2007 20:10
Hey DV8,
I agree with js55 regarding both systems. I have 2 older Miller transformer MIG welders and they have been very faithful, rugged, and been problem free. I just recently purchased a 250A Inverter Spoolgun MIG because of its' size, weight, and efficiency. I needed to go to the spoolgun system because some of the jobs I get on the classic car restorations, require I change wire size due to the metal thicknesses. The spoolgun is very nice to make a quick changeover, and in addition, I can go to aluminum if necessary. It is definitely a sweet setup, and as js55 stated, they are more costly, but worth it IMHO. I believe aevald has posted some information on HTP equipment and I believe he did find favor with their equipment. I'm sure you will get additional preferences and suggestions that may help you with a decision.....Good Luck.....Denny
Parent - By DV8 Date 03-06-2007 03:55
Thanks for the input guys.
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / New here, go easy. Inverter / transformer/??

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