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- - By - Date 06-28-2000 20:04
When two robots simultaneously weld boths side of a bracket on an automotive axel tube, I am running into a severe arc blow condition.

I am using .052, L56 wire, C-10, 3/4" stickout, and Powerwaves (Pulsed, tried 400-500 IPM at 90 trim). Torches are stationary as the tube and bracket is spun beneath it.

The fillet weld is best described as placing a U shaped bracket against a 4" dia tube. Each robot simultaneously places a 4" long weld on each leg of the U. The torches are parralel as one weld the outside seam of the bracket, while the other torch welds the inside seam.

Am I running into a server gound loop caused by the tubing?

The part is gounded well. Both welder grounds are ran to a common point on the tool, and the hardened steel V-Blocks that locate the tube provide the actual tube ground.

Any Ideas?
Parent - By JFALK (*) Date 06-30-2000 19:59
Parent - By - Date 07-03-2000 05:34
If the powerwaves are along the same lines as the STT then another problem you may be encountering is that the feedback systems are interfering with one another causing an unstable arc on one or both welds. Although this may seem counterproductive, you may want to try a pair of simple power supplies.
I doubt it possible but another alternative is AC (depending on material and process)
Parent - By TimGary (****) Date 08-01-2000 02:28
I've had similar problems before that were fixed by separating the grounds. If possible, you should attach the grounds on different ends of the axle.
Of course, arc blow is caused by disruptive magnetisim flow. If the arcs are too close together, and you can't separate the grounds, you may have to make the welds separately.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Arc Blow Welding Axel Tubes

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