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- - By - Date 05-12-2000 14:51
I am looking for the descriptions of the different welding positions. ie; 3G position, can you weld vertical down or just up when running flux core on a structural weldment? Stuff like that. All of my current concerns are regarding flux core welding of structural beam.
Parent - By - Date 05-12-2000 14:52
dude. You can not run flux core vertical down. Everybody knows that.
Parent - By R. Johnson (**) Date 05-12-2000 20:20
Section 4 of the AWS D1.1 welding code defines test positions for both groove welds and fillet welds on plate and tubular. The code futher restricts welding to the vertical up position BUT there are some exceptions especially when welding tubular products. The it is limited to the positions for which the welder is qualified. And by the way any flux core welding wire can be welded downhill, whether you should is another matter.
Parent - - By TimGary (****) Date 08-01-2000 03:04
6G=Pipe at 45 deg. angle, single V-groove joint
6GR=Pipe at a 45 deg. angle, no bevel on the top half, bevel on the bottom half, with a restriction ring around the pipe 1" above the joint.

Downhand FCAW is great for seal welding thin materials to prevent corrosion, but does not have any structural integrity.
Parent - By - Date 08-01-2000 22:17
Not quite correct: See figures 4.3, 4.4, and 4.5 - AWS D1.1-2000 (pages 105,106, 107) or for ASME Section IX, 1998 Edition, 1999 Addenda, see QW-461.3, QW-461.4, QW-461.5, and QW-461.6 (pages 140 and 141). Suprisingly they manage to agree on something. Note that the "G" designations are intended for qualification test set ups or positions and not for production - this is the clear intent of both codes if you read them carefully.

for plate: 1G is the flat test position
2G is the horizontal test position
3G is the vertical test position
4G is the overhead test position

for pipe: 1G-R - is with the pipe axis horizontal, the electrode on top
and fixed in position while the pipe is rotated underneath
2G - is with the pipe axis vertical, the joint horizontal
5G - is with the pipe axis horizontal, joint vertical (weldor
typically starts out "overhead" on bottom, goes vertical up
on sides and then flat on top (although I've known some to
start at the top, go vert down to the overhead)
6G - is with the pipe axis at 45 degrees to the horizontal

for fillet welds in plate:
1F - both plates tipped 45 degrees to the horizontal,
weld laid in flat
2F - one plate horizontal, one vertical, electrode tipped
about 45 degrees, laid in on top of horizontal plate. This is
what a lot of weldors call flat
3F - both plates vertical, typical vertical up (or down)
4F - one plate horizontal, one plate vertical (but hanging
down from the horizontal one) weld is made "overhead"
I'm getting lazy so look at the references above for the pipe fillet weld test positions.
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