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- - By elliott fama (*) Date 02-19-2007 23:04
how everybody doing,I have question about mig welding aluminum. The awning company that i just started working for welds some awning frames from aluminum.The question is no matter what we do the welds are ulgy,and around the welds is a black sout, that does not claen off to easy. I wish I had more info on wire size but i am not sure I the volt setting is half to 3/4 of the max setting. thank for any info
Parent - - By yorkiepap (***) Date 02-20-2007 00:44
Hey elliott,
You are going to have to supply more information if you want to solve your problem.

1.) What is the thickness of the metal(frames) you want to weld?
2.) Is the metal painted or bare?
3.) What kind of welder are you using?
4.) What is the wire diameter?
5.) Are you using 100% Argon gas?
6.) What are the heat ranges on your welder?
7.) What is the cfh flow set on the regulator?
8.) Are you working in a windy area?

The metal has to be absolutely bare, degreased and wire brushed with a stainless steel brush. Cleaned with acetone or toluene. Aluminum is quite finicky if not chemically clean. OK.....fill in the will be forthcoming I'm sure......Denny
Parent - - By elliott fama (*) Date 02-20-2007 22:23
hows it going I got some more info on the aluminum,the volt control is sett at 4,wire speed issett at70,gass is argon set at30cfm,and the filler metal is.030". thanks for the repls already .I dont know if this helps anymore.One mor question i am looking to buy an inverter and came across HTP invertig 201 ac/dc just wondering how it compares to the dynasty 200dx.Thanks for all the help people
Parent - By yorkiepap (***) Date 02-21-2007 01:34
Hey elliott,
You're going to have to get even more specific.

1.) What make of welder?
2.) How many heat positions are there? (4)??? More?
3.) Your argon needs to be reduced to approx. 25cfh
4.) What wire....4043, 5356??????
5.) You need heavier wire....preferably .035 minimum
6.) You need to increase wire feed between 80-90

You have to provide complete details to get some solutions. If I remember correctly, aevald has some experience with the HTP and I believe he found favor with their equipment. Maybe post another topic for a comparison of the 2 welders........Denny
Parent - - By makeithot (***) Date 02-20-2007 04:14
Like Denny has sugested . but one of the main causes of black smoke around the weld area is that you have set your gas flow too high if you are working indoors I  would not set your gas higher then 25 cfm make sure that the nozzel of the gun is clean as well. Do not use anti-spatter spray,clean the material with a wire brush before welding.
Parent - - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 02-20-2007 05:45 Edited 02-20-2007 05:48
The soot should come off easily with a fine stainless wirebrush by hand, but as the others are saying, if it is clean and with proper gas flow there shouldn't be much soot. You should be using a "push" angle so the argon goes out ahead of the bead. The material isn't anodised is it?
Parent - - By elliott fama (*) Date 02-20-2007 11:19
thanks guys I will try that tody .an I will try to get a moreinfo thanks again
Parent - By MDG Custom Weld (***) Date 02-20-2007 11:45
Is the aluminum anodizied?  If so, it MUST be removed proir to welding to get the best result.
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