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- - By YVAN (*) Date 03-01-2008 19:08
Application : Manufacturing of stainless steel heat exchanger.

In service equipment temperature range from 200F to 800F, with hot spot up to 1400F.

Until now we have been using stainless steel 304L.

In service problem have been very seldom.

Because of the price of 304L stainless steel we are now looking to replace it with a less expensive stainless.

We are looking at Allegheny Ludlum AL409HP, AL439HP and AL201LHP.

We know that competitors have used 409 and faced major corrosion problem, especially in the weld heat affected zone.

We wonder if AL409HP may solve the problem of weld heat affected zone corrosion.

We also wonder if 885F embrittlement may become a problem with AL439HP.

Thank you for helping me on that.

Yvan Lessard
Parent - By js55 (*****) Date 03-03-2008 16:25
Keep in mind this is a welding forum, and though many in here have experience with many materials in many services, I would think you would realize more success either contacting AL or perhaps posting your question at the Engineeing Tips forum. There are a lot of knowledgeable matierials guys there.
Parent - By YVAN (*) Date 03-03-2008 20:50
OK. I'll try

Thank you
Parent - - By GRoberts (***) Date 03-04-2008 16:42
You should also check out the new Lippold/Kotecki book: Welding metallurgy and weldability of stainless steels.  They have some infor on 409, but I'm not sure about the 409HP.
Parent - - By YVAN (*) Date 03-05-2008 12:53
Not much on 409HP


Parent - By gwg (*) Date 03-06-2008 14:45
Go to the web site below and pull up the technical sheets for review. If you need further information, talk to John Grubb at AL.
Parent - By YVAN (*) Date 03-11-2008 19:53
I've talk to John at Allegheny and got some good recommendations from him.


Yvan Lessard
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