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- - By cyrus 07 (**) Date 05-06-2008 15:00
any of you guys got any tips on how you do your cap passes do you use a z type pattern or any other ways that work that I can try? Also how do you know when to cap with stringers versus a weave is that already stated in a wps I realize you can have to wide of a weave so you have to run stringers so is there a common law as to which way to run the cap??
Parent - - By Kix (****) Date 05-06-2008 15:57
The pattern sometimes depends on the situation and how hot or cold you are and whatever works best for you.  Sometimes you can't adjust your machine because it's 200 feet down on the ground.  As for how wide you can weave and when to use stringers all depends on a few things.  It is stated in your WPS when you have one and it also depends on the code, the process, the size electrode, what your welding on and position of whatever you are working on.  For example you'd stringer a 6g pipe and a 2g pipe all the time when you could do both on a 5g pipe. 
Parent - - By Tnwelder (**) Date 05-06-2008 18:15
Kix is right it is what is more comfortable to you if you like the weave or stringers. Alot of he companys i have talked to hate the weave all they want is stringers but I personally like it.  It dont take as long to cap the pipe and also less stressful. It also depends on the code.
Parent - - By cyrus 07 (**) Date 05-06-2008 18:17
Tnwelder, what do you mean less stressful do you mean you find a weave easier for you ??
Parent - - By cyrus 07 (**) Date 05-06-2008 18:36
and does anyone have any tips for a good looking weave
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 05-06-2008 18:52
Do we even know yet what process we are talking about?
I'm assuming SMAW. What electrode?
Parent - - By cyrus 07 (**) Date 05-06-2008 19:10
sorry 6010 with an old sae300 just practicing all I have now is 1/8 6010 5p+
Parent - By dfwpipeliner (**) Date 05-06-2008 22:30
hey cyrus, that 6010 is a beed rod,  not very good for capping. it digs too much and prone to pinholes.  try 8010 70+
Parent - - By Kix (****) Date 05-07-2008 12:18
What he means by less stressful is that when you're making a weld in a tight spot and your body is all bound up on say the bottom of the pipe.  Now if you're running stringers, you have to go back to the bottom of the pipe and bind yourself up a lot more (#of stringers=# of times X 2 you bind your body on the bottom) when you're running stringers vs 2 times when your weaving.
Parent - - By cyrus 07 (**) Date 05-07-2008 12:32
thanks dfwpipeliner I was having trouble getting it to lay in together it was digging in to much and thanks to all the responses. I guess when they say 6010 all the way that means you are gonna lay beads for your cap??
Parent - By Robert Turney (*) Date 05-08-2008 02:53
cyrus 07,  I may not have the best advice, but I have to weld 6010 all the way out and I found that its easier for me to stay in the puddle and move side to side.  I keep watch to make sure that my cap is tied into the pipe on both sides.  Oh, by the way, watch your rod angle.  Maybe this will help you.  By the way, what size pipe are you welding?
Parent - - By Tnwelder (**) Date 05-09-2008 23:40
Cyrus 07 I just think the weave is a easier way to cap a pipe. Also, what kix said about my post he is right. No one wants to keep going to the bottom of the pipe in a tight fit like that. Just watch you puddle when you move from side to side, watch for the tiein to prevent undercut, and go fast to make sure the bead is not to fat in the middle. It will take some practice but keep trying one day it will be an easy weld for you.  Hope this helps.
Parent - - By chrisodom980 (*) Date 05-10-2008 15:06
weave is easier but stringers sure do look better
Parent - - By Sourdough (****) Date 05-10-2008 18:25
I can point out one thing that wasn't mentioned about the weave vs. cap. I assume we are talking about an uphill, (lh), cap? The weave is way, way faster, but in many situations is not code. Stringers are always code, unless you get a cwi that has no idea what he's doing, (there are many out there).

The wider you go with a weave, the more chance of slag entrapment. I gotta admitt, I have done a weave on some things that I knew were overkill in the first place. BUT, if you're talking code, well then you are in an area that has no grey area.

I spose it all depends on the application vs. code......sometimes I butt heads with other guys on this forum when i say that.

Fact is that sometimes when you are out in nasty crap weather w/ sweat dripping in your eyeball because you are upside down hanging from your harness trying your best to stay steady, you just have to make your own decisions............
Parent - - By chrisodom980 (*) Date 05-11-2008 02:40
shouldnt have said taht "that aint code". lol
Parent - - By Robert Turney (*) Date 05-11-2008 03:48
When you are in the field welding in a muddy hole or up in the air, its a lot different that that controlled environment when you are testing.  I know thats the case for me.  I have to weld colder on my cap because as you know when you get to the bottom half of the pipe its hotter.  But im still learning myself so I may be off the mark
Parent - By Stringer (***) Date 05-12-2008 00:00
Yeah, what SD said. What procedure are we talking about? 5G low hydrogen welding on B31.3 or 5g 5p+ 5/32 API downhill? I think a box weave for the latter, whipping the toes, but if you can't really see it that well then you'd better go to plan 'B' and whip some simple nickles on the bottom so at least you can verify you're following the filled bevel and not getting lost or undercutting. Hanging upside down and sweating was not discussed in my CWI seminar but I find it to be an all too regular occurance on the job.
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