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- - By geebee509 Date 02-12-2009 21:53
The welding instructor at a local vocational school has asked me to make a bend-test jig for his class. The test coupons will be 3/8 inch plate. I have sketched out some drawings I think will work, but would appreciate any additional help I can get.

Does AWS D1.1 have specifications or dimensioned drawings that someone send me? Or if it's a copyright issue, could you describe it?

I plan to use two inch thick SAE 4140 plate and machine a die and plunger. Is 4140 a good choice or should I look at some other material?

I'd be grateful for any ideas, tips, and opinions. TIA

Parent - By mountainman (***) Date 02-12-2009 22:13
go to WABO standard No. is figure 27-13.12.1

Parent - - By hogan (****) Date 02-12-2009 22:15
Here is a thread with a very good example of a bend test jig.;hl=plunger
Parent - - By Superflux (****) Date 02-13-2009 00:45
D1.1 2006 pg 166 fig 4.15.
Way too many details to try to describe here.

As far as material goes some 1090  1-1/2", 2", or 2-1/2" round stock (cold rolled bright finish) can be welded and fabricated for the plunger (depending on the style your making in fig 4.15) and shoulders (1-1/2"). This stuff is readily available at hardware stores and very cheap! The bulk of the die member can be made of A36 or any scrap laying about the shop. I made one for limited use by this method without any PWHT. BUT for more professional workmanship... have it machined, I would use D2 and then Q&T.
Mr. daveboyer would be the one to recommend the best material.
Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 02-13-2009 05:53
Heat treated D2 would last untill the end of time, but it is nasty to machine and distorts a lot in heat treat.
A2 is easier to machine, more stable in heat treat and shoud  last several lifetimes on a tool like this. If the dies are rollers, free to rotate like the one in the other thread, it will last even longer.
Parent - By geebee509 Date 02-14-2009 16:15
Thank you for the thread. It answered several questions I had. After reviewing the comments, I believe I will use A36 plates for the frame and 4140 for rollers and the plunger end. Will try to post pictures of the finished jig next week.

Thanks to all the responders for the help. I truly appreciate it.


- - By LToca85 (**) Date 10-26-2018 11:49
Hello I am looking to make our own Guided bend test jig for D1.1 for the 50 ksi and under, just to see how it would come out. But I guess my question is could i make it from plasma cutting 1 2" die and plunger or 4 0.5" die and plunger out of A36?
Parent - - By LToca85 (**) Date 10-26-2018 11:51
I take this post back just noticed the note below figure 4.11 where it says plunger and interior die surfaces shall be machined finished.
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 10-26-2018 13:59
This thread has a picture of one we made at my previous employer(scroll down a few posts to see the one with a small jack inside a frame);hl=Coupon%20bender
Parent - - By LToca85 (**) Date 10-26-2018 14:24
Thank you John I did see that post and thread. That looks like the route I will have to go. What kind of material did you use for the Bar?
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 10-26-2018 15:53
I think it was just cold rolled round be honest, I really don't remember what grade it was
Parent - By LToca85 (**) Date 10-26-2018 16:26
Okay thank you John I appreciate it.
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