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- - By Pipeliner1968 (*) Date 08-12-2009 21:59
I'm looking for new points for my SA 200 is there somewhere I can get a part number and buy it at Napa? or some other Auto parts store? Its a 68 with a Fairbanks mag.. Thanks
Parent - By Tyler1970 (***) Date 08-13-2009 00:02
acutally, i think i have some new ones. along with the insulater kit as well. other than that, call bills welder. or i usually go to NAPA in eunice louisiana
Parent - - By FixaLinc (****) Date 08-13-2009 05:45 Edited 08-13-2009 16:15
Fairbanks Morse magneto points.
FM J mag uses FM#-- R2437 points or NAPA Echlin-- ECH CS1500 or BWD-- FS50 or Standard#-- S3-480

FM X mag uses FM#-- A2437A points or NAPA Echlin-- ECH CS1504 or SME 701014 or Borg Warner BWD -- FS11 or Standard#-- S10-478

If your mag housing or tag isn't marked J or X the J mag has the dist rotor gear inside the cover cap or the X mag has dist rotor gear mounted on the breaker points bearing plate.

Condenser: FM J & X, Low Capacity FM# AXMR2433, NAPA# SME 701308, BWD# FG6, Standard# S6-138
                FM J& X, High Capacity FM# SXY2433, NAPA# FM200, BWD# FG3, Standard# S6-138

I recommend using the high capacity condenser FM200 will help points last longer.  NAPA coils = china junk leave them alone!  There are other coils still made here.
Parent - - By KSellon (****) Date 08-13-2009 20:29
aren't you just full of information....
Parent - By FixaLinc (****) Date 08-14-2009 05:13
Yep been doing my magneto homework for 29 years :)   At least we still have a few choices where to get points and condensers but nothing else. 
Parent - By Pipeliner1968 (*) Date 08-13-2009 23:20
Thank you very much.. helps alot
Parent - By FixaLinc (****) Date 08-13-2009 16:17
Added pics so will know what you need and condenser numbers.
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