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Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Tig welding with a '65 redface
- - By 65 Pipeliner (**) Date 12-15-2010 21:48
Can I run a DC tig setup with my redface and if so, how and what do I need? I have searched the forum and haven't found the info I am looking for.

Thanks, Chris
Parent - By warmka weld (*) Date 12-15-2010 22:10
All you should need is a tig torch with a gas valve on it.  Hook it up to the negative terminal. Hook your argon up to the torch and weld.
Parent - By TRC (***) Date 12-15-2010 22:39
Hey 65, I have the Weldtron remote for my 69. Got the finger tip controler with it. Haven't tiged with it but the finger tip works great when I have no one to run my heat for me when stick welding. The machine doesn't know the differance between stick and tig.
Parent - By scrappywelds (***) Date 12-15-2010 22:51
First I take it you want to tig like pipe for field work? If so then a bottle of 100% argon,argon flowmeter,argon gas hose, air cooled tig torch with valve (weldcraft 17fv series), power cable (weldcraft 150 amp 25' rubber), power block adapter (use an empty 20 oz coke bottle for arc protection), tungsten, collets, gas lens,  and cups. Now take your stinger and connect it to the negative terminal and ground to the positive. Connect the stinger to power block. Thats pretty much it. Just remember you have to turn the the argon on and off with the vavle on the torch before striking an arc.
Parent - - By Iron Head 49 (***) Date 12-15-2010 23:36
I Tig weld with my SA-200s all the time. Very simple to setup.

Parent - - By ZCat (***) Date 12-16-2010 00:05
man, you need to ditch that straight cup and get a gas lens, the only way to go.
Parent - - By Iron Head 49 (***) Date 12-16-2010 00:13
Like this one? LOL!
Parent - By ZCat (***) Date 12-16-2010 01:40
no, you need a red one!!!! haha
- By TozziWelding (**) Date 12-16-2010 01:30
I use this rig off my SA-250
- - By 65 Pipeliner (**) Date 12-16-2010 02:06
Thanks for the pics and info, guys. What does the power block do or how does it work? Do you need or can you even use a finger or foot control?

Thanks Again.

Parent - - By ZCat (***) Date 12-16-2010 02:13
The power block is just a lug you hook your stinger to, it sends the juice from the stinger thru the TIG rig to the tungsten.
Parent - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 12-17-2010 02:20
Long as your working on no code or a code that will let you scratch start the above setup is fine and dandy.
Parent - - By rick harnish (***) Date 12-17-2010 06:04 Edited 12-17-2010 06:13
I really dont think you can use a foot control. Someone may prove me wrong, but Ive never seen it. Your remote comes in handy, though.
Hey! I see TRC posted above about the Weldtron. I have the same, but I need to look into that fingertip option. It was likely available when I bought mine, but all I was thinking about at the time was stick and the remote fits in one hand anyway. Bet it is sweet!
Parent - By 65 Pipeliner (**) Date 12-17-2010 14:04
This will be for non code work. I wondered about using the remote in place of the foot control, after I thought about it a little more.
Thanks to all for the info and pics.

Parent - - By TRC (***) Date 12-17-2010 20:18
Hey rick i think the ftc has to be ordered as a unit. does your box have a small hole in it where it looks like something could be plugged into it above the 120 outlet? They have it on their web site. just tape it to you stinger and weld away- ted
Parent - - By rcwelding (***) Date 12-17-2010 22:14
I talked to a Lincoln rep yesterday about Tig options on my Vantage.... He claims that you can plug in a foot control into the 6pin plug on the Vantage and run it like any other Tig machine... I didn't ask him about the newer 200s or 300s... I wouldn't think the old 200s have that option..LOL

  Do any of you guys have a foot control on your Vantage and if so does it work good..??

  I wanted to Tig some aluminum with this Vantage but he said I had to get a $4000 inverter to Tig aluminum and that the inverter just plugs into and runs off the 220 plug and not through the stinger..

Parent - By rick harnish (***) Date 12-18-2010 00:24 Edited 12-18-2010 00:27
Cactus alert!!! Someone mentioned Vantage! LOL!
Guess if I was steady tig welding, that machine would come in fairly handy.
Parent - By Smooth Operator (***) Date 12-18-2010 03:11
rcwelding,   Best machine for tigin' AL is a miller 350 pro, use it for AL and DC- for S.S., also has true CV for migin'.  Only high duty machine w/AC & DC current  output !!!!!!!  If I didn't need the AC output would be useing a Vantage !!!!!!! PITTSBURGH home of the STILERS'
Parent - By rick harnish (***) Date 12-18-2010 00:25
No sir, didnt get it. After some more thought I do remember the option, bit for some reason chose no. Likely price! Does sound nice, though!
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