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Up Topic Welding Industry / Metallurgy / Welding S355J2C+N to API 2H Grade 50 to D1.1 Code
- - By Jeff Carney Date 07-22-2013 19:05
Welding S355J2C+N steel to API 2H Grade 50. 

My question is, for the purposes of prequalified base metal filler metal combinations for matching strength (table 3.1, D1.1), what is the ASTM equivalent and which D1.1 Group number does the S355 material fall under?  API 2H G50 is a group II (p. 66 D1.1-2010).

The closest information I could find indicates that the S355 may be an ASTM A572 material, but I have found nothing definitive.

Your assistance would be appreciated.
Parent - - By ozniek (***) Date 07-23-2013 14:08
Hi Jeff

Strictly speaking, if the base metal is not listed in the AWS D1.1 tables, then it you cannot assign it to a "Group". Having said that, if you are building this for a non-USA client, then they may be happy for you to classify the base material, as it is technically the same as a Group II material. I would address this to the client with a technical query, suggesting to classify it as "Group II".

I would also suggest that this type of question should rather be posted on the forum dealing with AWS codes. The AWS experts hang out there!

Parent - By Jeff Carney Date 07-24-2013 02:18

Thank you for your response.  Your suggestion to have the client bless the "group" is very good.

I posted the same question on the D1.1 forum and received a similar response that the material is not an AWS group steel.

Appreciate your prompt response.
Thank you,
Parent - By Len Andersen (***) Date 07-24-2013 14:13
•  Ladies and Gentlemen,
     Did quick run on and
    ASTM A283 GRADE D| A283 Gr.D STEEL PLATE - …
ASTM A283 GRADE D| A283 Gr.D STEEL PLATE ... Equivalent steel grade of ... S690Q,S690QL,S890Q,S690QL1,SM570,S355J2G3,S355J2+N and so on high quality steel ...
. I hope this is helpful.
Len Andersen
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Up Topic Welding Industry / Metallurgy / Welding S355J2C+N to API 2H Grade 50 to D1.1 Code

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