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- - By vignesh5585 (*) Date 04-18-2016 13:39

AM FACING A SERIOUS SITUATION AT MY FIRM AS WE HAVE USED WPS NON IMPACT QUALIFIED AS PER SEC IX WHILE WELDING SRN MATERIAL SA 350 LF2 CL1 TO FLANGE SA 105 (mdmt is -29 c and impact test is only required for shell and dish end ). Now our authorized inspector has raised non conformity as we are not complying ASME UCS 67 AND UG 84 and other major problem is we have dispatched the job...

Please help me out as we are facing serious problems
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 04-18-2016 13:56
Couple questions
1) You say you have dispatched the job. Does this mean that your AI signed the Data Report and witnessed the stamping BEFORE raising these issues?
2) Did you have a requirement to control travel speed on your non CVN WPS?

The trick here is to write an NCR and qualify a procedure for CVN's using the parameters you already used in production.
Parent - By vignesh5585 (*) Date 04-23-2016 12:45
NCR not possible at this time
Parent - By flawfinder (*) Date 04-20-2016 07:56
As per UCS-67 your materials A350 LF2 Cl1 to A105 they are exempted under UG-20F(f) if they do not exceed that given in (a) or (b).
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