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- - By Junius Date 04-26-2016 13:06
I want to certify my welders on Box tubing for CJP in TYK connections. Certified for tubing only.   Can someone please tell me of what their interpretation of what the test should be?  I think I'm confusing myself  of overthinking this one.
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 04-26-2016 13:52
Welcome to the Forum Junius.

Since you haven't mentioned a performance standard I guess we can assume AWS D1.1

The first question would be;  Have you reviewed the new Clause 9 of AWS D1.1 2015 ?

It's hard to provide any guidance or advice because you haven't mentioned quite enough about the work you are doing.

Say a little more.... Thickness?,  Without backing from one side?

Do you have WPS's already in hand?  or are you developing procedures and qualifying welder performance both?
Parent - - By Junius Date 04-26-2016 14:13
Correct in Assuming 10.1.
Yes I'm in the Clause 9 now.  My minimum thickness is going to be 3/16" welded from one side with no backing.  I have to write the WPS and qualify the welders. All parameters will fall under the prequalified specifications.

My biggest confusion is this.
-Table 9.13 states the only way to get the CJP qualification is test 6GR per the Figures 9.25 and 9.27. However the note states that You use figure 9.25 and test per 9.27 (corner macro).
- The narrative 9.19 note  (6)   states you have (2) options:  A) take both 9.25 plus 9.27 or B) 9.25 and test per 9.27.
Now, If we go to Table 9.14 it shows that for box tubing (4) side bends and. (4) macros are required. So if (4) of each specimens are required why would they even give the first option of having to take 2 separate test when you are already doing the macro??
- Per the table 9.14 can we not just use the Figure 9.27 for the test and get the 4 each specimens from that?

Am I just overthinking this whole thing entirely??
Parent - By Junius Date 04-26-2016 14:16
That should read in assuming D1.1
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