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- - By Matt F (*) Date 03-08-2018 21:43
#2 question of the day

I'm working with a company that designs and manufactures many custom one-off products to D14.1 and D1.1 (the codes seem to be very similar).
They have the role of design engineer and QC.
I am auditing all of their WPS's to ensure that they are qualified.

They have a short and simple WPS manual that is supposed to cover everything they do.
Almost all of it is prequalified, but they did qualify two broad procedures:
1. A particular 100ksi (D1.1 Table 4.9) steel to group I and II CJP
1. A particular 100ksi (D1.1 Table 4.9) steel to itself CJP

The problem is that they use 4 different sizes of single-pass fillet welds (1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16").
Limitation of travel speed for D14.1 is a little different than D1.1 - it is only +/-10% for some reason.
They cannot achieve all four sizes of fillet welds within this limitation. I think they can only achieve one (maybe two) of the sizes.

How is this normally handled?  More PQR's for fillet welds only?  If they run additional fillet weld tests, is a consumables verification test required per D1.1  This doesn't make sense to me since they've already run a CJP PQR.

What's the deal with D1.1 Table 4.5 Note C?

They would like to keep doing what they're doing for the most part without running a very large number of PQRs - is there any way that this will be possible?
Parent - By JRWagner Date 10-09-2018 13:59
Hello Matt,
i am a Student at Mitchell Technical Institute in Mitchell, South Dakota. We are studying AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2015 and I think I can shed some light on your questions.
for your question about weld consumables( D1.1 The only time you need to have a welding consumables verification test is when the welding consumables do not conform to the prequalified provisions of clause 3(D1.1 or if the WPS using the proposed consumables has not been qualified in accordance with D1.1 4.10 or 4.11.

As for the fillet weld sizes I think taking a look at (D1.1 Figure 4.15- Fillet Weld Soundness Tests for WPS Qualification) will answer your fillet weld questions.

- J.R.
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