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Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / ASME IX: When were P5 materials split into P5A, P5B and P5C?
- - By PaisleyNatalia Date 03-16-2019 16:17
HI All,

I'm working on reviewing my site's WPSs' for code(s) of construction and site engineering speciation's updates, basically we have WPSs' from the 80s to the present which technically don't expire however the code(s) of construction and our own site eng specs have changed over the past 30 years thus requiring a compliance review with potential for administrative updates and/or requalification.

We've got a healthily selection of Cr WPSs' which it seems the P-No used to be only P5... now looking at the PQRs the materials used have now been split from P5 into P5A, P5B and P5C... I'm curious when this change occurred. 

The though process is (if no requalification is required) to use the original PQRs from the 80s completing an administrative update to the WPS outlining the current assigned P-No.. Has anyone previously dealt with this? What are your thoughts, is this the best approach or do you have a suggestion of how you would tackle this?

This is my first post feel free to share WPS review items and elaborate on personal experiences.  

Paisley Natalia
Parent - By Shane Feder (****) Date 04-09-2019 10:10
I spent a while trying to research your question and gave up as I only have ASME IX editions back to 2004.
As P5A, B & C are now classed as separate P numbers your old P5 PQRs and WPSs cannot be used as they are.
You, or a Welding Engineer (if you are not one yourself) needs to do extensive research because it is a pretty comprehensive topic.
I don't know how to attach so try Googling - Inquiry 09-490 and also this link
Attachment: Interpretation09-490.pdf (74k)
Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / ASME IX: When were P5 materials split into P5A, P5B and P5C?

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