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- - By dschlotz (***) Date 09-19-2004 12:27
Parent - - By DGXL (***) Date 09-19-2004 15:07
No one has replied to any of your posts, so I'll help out a little.

1.) The E70T-1/E71T-1 electrode specified in in the SWPS number you posted only has a notch toughness requirement of 20 ft-lbs @ 0 degrees F in accordance with the electrode specification AWS A5.20-95 (Table 1). Most seismic and structural applications require a 20 ft-lbs @ -20 degrees F. The above WPS would be acceptable if the supplemental designators J or MJ followed the E71T-1.

The E70T-1/E71T-1 electrodes have a notch toughness requirement and can be used for structural applications, they just don't meet the current industry standard were a more stringent toughness value is required (e.g.: Seismic Zone 4 found in the IBC/UBC and per FEMA 353). It depends on your locale.

An E71T-8 (SWPS B2.1-1-018-94) would have satisfied the above 20 ft-lbs @ -20 degrees requirement.

I'm not trying to rub your nose in it but you should have researched before purchasing. The SWPS list in the 2004 catalog specifies the electrode classifications (e.g.: E7XT-X). The AWS (Global Eng.) will sell you a WPS for sure, but you must tell them the specific application for the toughness requirement.

2.) Your other option is to comply with the D1.1:2004, Section 4, Part A, and simply qualify the procedure yourself. Here in CA, the engineering community does not recognize these "canned" procedures and require each contractor to qualify the WPS(s) for the project even though the SWPS's are acceptable per of the same code section.

3.) As far as numbering or identifying of WPS, PQR or WPQR's, any convenient system may be used.

Good Luck.
Parent - By dlmann (**) Date 09-19-2004 19:14
DGXL: Reference to your comment 2.). Are you refering to a welding demonstration such as is required by ASME when using the off-the-shelf WPSs or do you mean a full blown qualification (pre-WPS, PQR with bend, tensile, notch ect...)?

Regards, Donnie Mann
Parent - - By dschlotz (***) Date 09-20-2004 11:51
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 09-20-2004 12:22
I feel for you, as I have also bought code books(not WPS'), not knowing what all is contained in that document, but after purchasing and reviewing, find out it doesn't even pertain to what I'm buying the book for. The limited review that Global lists with each code leaves a lot to be desired. When we get into reading these specs for a particular job to be bid, I have bought code books only to see if the code pertains to our scope of the work, a pure waste of money if you ask me to see those books just sitting there on the shelf, but you simply don't know until you buy the book and read it. You don't know if something is in one of them that will bite you after the job is bid. It's not like I have someone here in town to borrow books from to review before purchasing. I think Global should go into more detail in their description of what the codes are about.
<end of rant>
John Wright
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