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- - By BooTLeG (*) Date 06-20-2008 20:42
ive never welded pipeline before, how would one go about even finding the contractors that do it? and the experience you need to start out.
Parent - - By downhandonly (***) Date 06-20-2008 23:52
be a helper or a good bullshi$%er!
Parent - By pipeliner01 (**) Date 06-21-2008 03:16
so true, I definetely fall into the second category
Parent - - By psyco33 (**) Date 06-21-2008 03:49
It's tough. you get  info from as many people as you can. you go to sites  but, here's the thing. you can travel 350  500 or more miles to job site.  don't mean you pass the weld test and get job.
CWI's are ruthless
your to slow
your to fast
your late 4 mins  no test etc... one time  I didn't even get to test  just the way I looked was enough. haha
hotel could be 50 miles from job site
Jomax was my last ditch effort for pipeline work for awhile. when I failed that test two weeks ago. after driving 350 miles to and 350 back and hotel for a night.  I came home. got 35 bucks an hour close to home (4 miles)no per diem  but lots of work and OT
plus I still fab my remote boxes and make extra money. I'm happy for the moment and my business gets to grow.
if you ain't tried pipeline work  stick to single hand. 32 from JV ain't bad and per diem too.
Parent - By ibeweldingsum (***) Date 06-22-2008 22:56
psyco33 has a bunch of good points but dont let it dicourage you from trying a very satisfying career . at the end of the day all you can do is say to yourself did i do all i could for me and my family. its all about the money in the end. just my 2 cents and with that and 98cents you cant even buy a cup of coffee.
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / pipeline

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