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- - By welderbrent (*****) Date 01-30-2016 02:42
Ok guys, I've been through all my books, a search on AISC and a search here.  I can't find what I am looking for though I know I have seen it in D1.8, AISC 358 Seismic, or one of the reference books on my shelves but I sure can't find it when I need it.

So, I am looking at some approved shop drawings with welding symbols that have 'DC-A', 'DC-B', and 'DCNR' in the tail.  On a note at the bottom of ONE of the pages it says 'Welds marked as 'DC' will be 'DC-B' unless otherwise indicated with 'DCNR'.  And on the details there are several marked as 'DC' which this would apply to.  There are others marked as 'DC-A' and 'DCNR'.

So, what do they stand for and where can I find the documentation?  I've gotten too used to only seeing DC and knowing that they need to comply with the appropriate portions of D1.8. 

My mind is spinning knowing that I have seen it and should be able to remember what they stand for but I am totally blank at the moment.

Please help.

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 01-31-2016 01:09
When in doubt, ask the Engineer.

Parent - - By rjtinsp (*) Date 02-02-2016 16:45
Mabye those designations can be found on the design drawings. To me it seems a bit odd that the detailer of the shop drawings would come up with that on their own. If not on the design drawings then definately ask the engineer.

Parent - By SCOTTN (***) Date 02-02-2016 18:59
That was my thought, that anything beyond the typical DC designation might be job specific, such as the DC-A and DC-B, or simply something to designate between two different DC welds that satisfy two different applications.  DCNR may mean "demand critical not required", but if that's the case, why even bother with a designation.  I've never seen anything other than DC when demand critical is required, so I'm interested to see how this ends up.
- By welderbrent (*****) Date 02-02-2016 22:31
I'll see if I can get a pic for more reference. 

Overall I am headed the same direction, A and B appear to be detailer specific designations for a particular application of the particular joint based upon material grade and stress factors. 

I just have not been able to find specific information on the shop plans but it may be either on the engineer's structurals or on some general notes page on the shop drawings that I have not been able to access as of this time.

Thanks guys. I will keep you informed.

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
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