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- - By FixaLinc (****) Date 07-20-2009 18:43 Edited 07-20-2009 18:46
See a Lincoln SAM-650 listed on a auction coming up.  Who used these ?  Railroad or military ?  First one I've ever seen.  Says it is diesel.  No I don't plan on buying it unless very cheap just wondering about it.  Thanks.

George's Welding auction

Parent - - By welder_Bob (**) Date 07-20-2009 23:55
They are used for, Submerged arc and multiple welders.  I have seen them used overseas on pipelines and pipe laying ships.  Here in the US I have only seen them used at big fab shops and ship yards. 
Parent - By FixaLinc (****) Date 07-21-2009 04:14
Thanks, I found out later today he did mostly work for railroad makes sense that shop is by rail yard and they do submerged arc on rails right?  Use to work right down the street from there but never had any need to go into that shop back then.  Think BNSF now has all big Miller air welders. 
Parent - - By Joseph P. Kane (****) Date 07-24-2009 03:11

The Lincoln SAM 650 is a wonderfull machine for everything but GTA welding.  It can weld with 1/4 inch E-7018, Air Carbon Arc Gouge, with 3/8 inch carbons, weld with 3/16" Exx10 electrodes Etc All Day Long.

It is great for small Hand Held Sub-Arc, and LN22 Sub-Arc.  It  can handle all the Lincoln Gasless Flux Cored Electrodes.

It can weld two 3/8 inch knock off anti skid tread studs all day long with an interrupter splitter.

With the Pipe Thawing Attachment, it is unequaled.

It is also a 44 OCV rated  machine!

I have even used it to heat blanket pipe.

On the downside, it uses a lot of gasoline or diesel.  It is quite noisy and it weighs a lot.

Joe Kane
Parent - - By FixaLinc (****) Date 07-24-2009 05:13
Thanks for all the info Joe.  I had almost decided not to even go but you may change my mind now lol.  Yes the fuel use and weight was a concern of mine about it too but bet using one like that for heavy work or hardfacing I'd be worn out before the machine needed a break.  Any idea what they cost new back then or bring now days?    
Parent - - By KSellon (****) Date 07-24-2009 13:42
call Stewart with Protech Hardbanding or Robert with Circle P both here in Oklahoma City. Protech used to buy the machines new--now he has the Vantage 500, and has been selling his SAM650's. Circle P has been buying used ones for water tower construction.
Parent - By FixaLinc (****) Date 07-24-2009 19:11 Edited 07-24-2009 20:21
Thanks if someone winds up with it that can't use it then we know who might can.  The big and heavy part bothers me don't know if I want it.  The ******** ****** (censored so don't get banned!) probably run it way up and I won't have to worry about that. 
Parent - By KSellon (****) Date 07-24-2009 13:39
Hardbanders and water tower builders here in Oklahoma use them. She's a BIG machine
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